How to dress for a job interview?

The job interview is never a pleasant moment. A lot of effort is put into making yourself look good. Every element is essential, but the first thing your future boss pays attention to is your style of dress. That’s why we’ve come up with some valuable tips on how to choose the best look for your job interview. 

Why is the style of dress important? Whether it’s for a date, a casual meeting or a job interview, it’s the first thing that catches people’s attention. You can even send positive or negative messages through the clothes you wear. For example, if you show up in front of your recruiter with a lot of jewellery, you are conveying your extravagance, which can be seen as a negative in a professional context. On the other hand, if you arrive at a job interview wearing a neutral outfit, the recruiter focuses on what you say and not on what you wear. 

5 golden rules for making a good first impression at a job interview

  1. Be comfortable in your clothes!
  2. Make sure your clothes are neat! 
  3. Adapt to the dress code of the field!
  4. Wear a neutral outfit!
  5. Make a difference!

Be comfortable in your clothes!

It is very important to feel comfortable in your clothes, because if you are comfortable in what you are wearing, you will also be comfortable in your gestures and in your speech, which means that your interview will go very well. Adapt your outfit to your body type so that you are natural and comfortable in your movements. Choose a well cut shirt and suit. You can’t go to a job interview with a suit that is too big or too tight. 

Make sure your clothes are neat! 

Your outfit should be impeccable, clean and well ironed: not only to make a good first impression, but also to show your attention to detail. Make sure that your clothes are not stained or wrinkled. To do this, choose your outfit the day before your job interview and iron it in advance. This way you will not only be at ease, but you will also avoid being late. Don’t forget to shine your shoes. This also shows your attention to detail!

Adapt to the dress code of the area!

You should always dress according to the field in which you plan to work. For example, if you are applying for a job in a bank or a company, it is advisable to opt for a classic, neutral outfit. If you have applied for a job that requires creativity, you can opt for original accessories or colourful clothes. But be careful! Do not overdo your look! If it’s a communication job, you can incorporate a casual fashion element into your outfit.

And here is a tip for those who really want to succeed! If it’s a big company, you can go to the reception before your interview and simply ask what their dress code is. Not only will this give you information on how you should present yourself at your job interview, but it will also make the receptionist more sympathetic. 

Wear a neutral outfit!

Simplicity and elegance are always appreciated! Neutral colours include navy, grey, beige or brown. Most fashion consultants consider a nice white shirt with a classic collar and straight edges and a blue or grey suit to be the ideal outfit for a job interview. For shoes and belt, go for brown! As far as ties are concerned, you can do whatever you like, but avoid bright colours. Give preference to calmer colours!

The most common mistake is to wear black suits, although this colour, despite its elegance, gives a rather hard look to a job interview. If your job interview is in a small or medium-sized company or a start-up, you can afford to wear jeans. But be careful! Never wear a t-shirt! 

A t-shirt at a job interview is a red card !

As far as shoes are concerned, choose sober and classy shoes! We recommend that you avoid patent leather or replace it with matte leather. Richelieu, desert boots, derby, or Chelsea: you are free to choose your models. 

Make a difference!

If the sector allows it, you can have fun passing on messages through your outfit. Add accessories, play with colours to show your personality, your energy and why not your dynamism! But don’t forget the context! Your “cool” outfit can be very badly perceived during a job interview in a bank or a large company.

Which tie should I choose for a job interview?

It is not always compulsory to wear a tie to a job interview, but it is strongly recommended for senior management positions, for example, but also for all professions in contact with the public. The first rule to follow when choosing your tie is to match it to the suit. You must match the colours. Avoid flashy colours. You can replace red with burgundy.

Choose lighter ties in summer and darker ties in winter. Stick to basic colours and give preference to classic patterns, avoiding overly expressive ones as much as possible. The aim is not to draw attention to your clothes but to enhance your personality.

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