How to dress for a wedding: tips for men

Are you invited to a wedding? Are you wondering how to dress so as not to overdo it or are you afraid of looking ridiculous because of the fashion faux pas? Don’t panic. Our short and comprehensive guide will make it easy for you to pull off your wedding outfit where you are invited․

The first question you ask yourself when you are invited to a wedding is ”who are the bride and groom and what is the atmosphere”. This means that you must always adapt to the context. Indeed, you must not overshadow the groom, but you must have your place, while respecting the theme and the codes of the wedding. Many people dress too soberly at the wedding. They wear the same suit, shirt, tie and shoes that they would have worn to work. But a wedding is not just another day. It’s a festive day that deserves the right attire.

What outfit for a wedding ? 

This is the big question. The choice of a suit is essential because it will make you feel confident during the event. The first criterion of an ideal suit is that it should perfectly match your body type. A badly cut suit or one that does not fit you will spoil your outfit. It will give you a sloppy look. A suit that is too tight will make you sweat faster, and a suit that is too big will not allow you to create an elegant look. 

If you’re looking for something visually simple and understated, opt for a basic two-piece suit, consisting of a jacket and trousers that present an almost unmissable look. It is especially ideal for a casual or less formal wedding. You can dare colours, because there are no constraints, but if you are less adventurous, choose a suit in basic colours (grey, navy blue or beige), and on the other hand, bet more on original accessories! Especially avoid black tones! The advantage of the two-piece suit is its versatility. Unlike three-piece suits, the two-piece suit allows for more creativity and freedom. It is especially perfect for a themed wedding.

By the way, you should always respect the codes and themes of the wedding but not be obsessed with the imposed dress-code. Don’t lose your personality! Add a little touch to your suit: a flower, a suit pocket, a tie that matches both the wedding theme and your style.

As opposed to the two-piece suit, the three-piece suit, also known as the full suit, is intended for more formal weddings. It is a suit consisting of a jacket, trousers and waistcoat. Modern and elegant, the three-piece suit is perfect if you want to shine in style.

If you are invited to a wedding, a double-breasted suit can also be a very good idea. Firstly, because it is a true symbol of rare masculine taste and style, and secondly, it enhances any body shape. Finally, it fully fits the format of a wedding ceremony.

If you don’t like suits or are hesitant to wear one, then don’t worry, because it’s not mandatory. But there are three main reasons why it is recommended that you wear a suit when you are invited to a wedding:

  • A suit is a sign of respect for the people who have invited you. 
  • A suit shows off your elegance.
  • A suit avoids any fashion faux pas and ensures that you are well dressed.

Dinner jacket for a wedding: is it a good idea? 

A dinner jacket is not a suit like any other. It is more of a formal outfit for social occasions. Therefore, it is not always “tolerated”. For your dinner jacket to be justified, you must be the groom. Otherwise, you risk attracting too much attention and stealing the show from the groom. 

Which shirt for a wedding ?

Shirt selection is also an essential element not to be neglected. If you are invited to a formal wedding, keep it simple by opting for a white, beige or light blue shirt to avoid any fashion faux pas. The collar will be ideal, especially in combination with a nice bow tie that matches the colour of the suit you are wearing. As far as colours are concerned, opt for the opposition approach between a dark and a light colour. This will avoid any faux pas. You can also dare to play with colours to highlight your style. The only rule to respect is that the sleeve of your shirt must extend one centimetre beyond your jacket.

What accessories for a wedding ?

If you are invited to a wedding, a tie and bow tie are essential accessories. They are small, fancy touches that allow you to follow the codes and theme of the wedding while respecting your own style. 

If your suit is in sober tones, contrast it with colourful or patterned accessories. Complete your accessory with a suit pocket, a flower or a brooch in the breastplate of your suit jacket. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, a suit pocket will enhance your bust and upper body.

The wedding is not a day like the others, it is a party, you have to take advantage of it and adapt your outfit but at the same time you have to be careful not to overdo it. Don’t overdo your look!

What shoes for a wedding ?

If the weather permits (if the wedding is in summer or spring), you can wear suede or leather loafers. This pair is a very good idea because they are comfortable, elegant and trendy. In winter you can wear a nice pair of ankle boots that will bring a manly touch to your outfit. 

A pair of Richelieu shoes is ideal for a wedding ceremony. They are a classic that you can’t go wrong with. As far as colours are concerned, we recommend the most formal colour, black.

If you are invited to a less formal wedding, opt for a pair of brown leather Derby shoes. Be careful! Your shoes must be impeccable: perfectly maintained and polished.

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