Valentine’s Day 2022: how to organise the perfect romantic evening?

To make Valentine’s Day fabulous and unforgettable, you need to make your dreams come true. And even if there is not enough romance in today’s world, you should try to make this day as magical and love-filled as possible. How can you make your sweetheart’s day special? How do you organise everything and look good?

First of all, take the time to prepare yourself, to think about all the details in advance. Choose a romantic location and think about how you want to look.

How do you prepare for Valentine’s Day?

You should prepare for Valentine’s Day in advance. Don’t think that you are the only one with a good idea to celebrate the lovers’ day. Don’t doubt that cinema tickets will be sold out and restaurant tables will be reserved in advance. So decide at least a week in advance whether you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home or in a public place, or maybe you’d rather surprise your girlfriend on 14 February and organise a little trip. 

Where to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

1 Romantic dinner in a restaurant

A romantic dinner in a restaurant is always a good idea to celebrate an occasion or holiday. Pay special attention to your appearance. It all depends on the restaurant you choose. In a fancy, expensive restaurant, where you have to book a table in advance, it is advisable to wear a classic suit. If you find accessories such as a tie or bow tie very formal, then complement your nice suit with a suit pocket. A white shirt is not mandatory. Finally, this is not a formal reception. 

Don’t forget to pay attention to accessories: a belt or a stylish bracelet that matches the colour of your shoes would be a good idea. Shave or groom your beard, freshen up your haircut or give it a casual cut. And don’t forget the details: socks should match the colour of your shoes and should cover your feet all the way down to your trousers, even when sitting.

If you prefer to avoid a lot of people and stay in a quiet place, you can spend time in a small, cosy restaurant. In this case the look can be even more informal: a sports jacket or cardigan over a polo or check shirt. However, jeans, unless they are black or navy blue, are not recommended. Choose solid-coloured trousers instead.

2. Romantic evening at home

For those who prefer the comfort of home to a noisy restaurant, the choice of outfit is easy. Go for a casual look in neutral tones that suit you. Monochrome jeans or chino trousers, a polo shirt or casual shirt, a blazer or cardigan will work in any informal setting.

However, you should make an effort to create a festive and romantic atmosphere. For this, you will need good music and Valentine’s Day themed decorations to decorate, for example, the bedroom or bathroom. Candles, balloons, flowers and aromatic oils are also a good idea. 

On this day, everything goes hand in hand with the heart symbol. Try to have as many hearts as possible in the house. This can be sweets or biscuits in the shape of a heart and decorations on the walls, next to pictures or near mirrors.

Prepare a delicious dinner and dishes that your girlfriend loves. Whether it’s just the two of you or a large group of guests, make sure the table is perfect, so think about the decorations and table setting. You can also make a selection of romantic films and a Franc Sinatra playlist in advance.

3. A Valentine’s date on the roof

If you want to meet the sunset in an unusual location, a rooftop date can be an interesting option for you. Nowadays there are even special services that find a rooftop with the best view in your city, set up a table and even light candles. All you have to do is enjoy the romantic atmosphere with your other half. 

Go for a casual style, but don’t forget to dress warmly, as it can be windy on the roof. You can also be thoughtful and wear a warm jumper to give your wife your jacket, as she will notice this gallant gesture.

4. Organise a romantic trip

People who love to travel will love the idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day on a fun trip. Imagine how much fun it would be to walk through the streets of an unfamiliar city, stop at a cozy café or confess your feelings on a train platform. It’s the kind of journey that leaves its mark on your life. 

If you want to embark on a romantic trip abroad, the most popular destinations are Paris, Venice and Barcelona. 

If you’re going to celebrate Valentine’s Day somewhere warm by the sea, that doesn’t mean you have to show up in beach shorts and flip-flops: light linen trousers, a cotton shirt and woven loafers will be the best option. For a cool evening after dinner, take a jumper, tied casually around the shoulders in a French style.


A Valentine’s Day gift is an essential element. It all depends on your girlfriend’s tastes and preferences. The most common gifts are a bouquet of flowers and jewellery. One of the most spectacular romantic gestures is the “heart under the window” with candles at night. It is very pretty and impressive.

Also take care of the gift wrapping – it should also reflect the symbolism of the party. There are plenty of options: from lace, bows and rhinestones to paper hearts and confetti inside the package. Try to keep the colours in line with Valentine’s Day – lots of red, pink and white.

Valentine’s Day is a great time to express your feelings and emotions. If you are sure of your feelings, you can propose on the same day. A declaration of commitment and a red velvet engagement ring case are the best Valentine’s Day gifts you can give a girl. ( “See also our article “How to propose marriage” ).

Whichever option you choose, the important thing is to have a good time and have fun together. In addition to all the other nuances, it is essential to choose clothes, shoes and accessories in advance that will match the colour and location of your Valentine’s Day celebration. You need to take care of your look to feel confident in yourself and your appearance. Another important aspect is light perfume. Just be careful not to overdo the perfume, women are very sensitive to smells.

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