15 Types of Ties for Men: A Complete Guide

A prime focus of gentleman’s attire – a tie has evolved to become a symbol of style. This single piece is modernized into various styles, which can make any normal outfit stand out. Did you wonder how many types of ties there are? How did it become a global symbol?

To know all the answers keep reading and add new styles of ties to your wardrobe for casual, festive, and all occasions. Let’s have a look!

Why do Men Wear Ties?

Originating from the “Trajanus Colony” in Rome in about 200-century, it was used for protection from cold and as a handkerchief. Later it got modernized during the 17th and 18th centuries when Croatian soldiers wore it in France. Neckties have a fascinating history, which is why it’s the most loved accessory.

Modern and stylish ties have an extensive history, and France mainly revolutionized the man’s attire globally with different types of ties. Perhaps the oldest accessory for men’s outfits, men wear ties to make them look more interesting and attractive.

There are popular reasons why a tie is an essential accessory.

  1. A tie gives a solid look when worn with a shirt and jacket; it immediately boosts your credibility. 
  2. If the tie’s color, texture, and fabric are chosen correctly, the probability of making a good impression increases. 
  3. The tie has been part of the male wardrobe for centuries. The reason for the tie’s relevance is, therefore, also a tribute to tradition.

Furthermore, there is a belief that “a tie is a hand-me-down .”On the contrary, a good, well-knotted tie doesn’t cause discomfort, doesn’t impede blood flow, and doesn’t prevent head-turning, but it is an essential accessory that can complete any look.

15 Types of Ties Every Man Should have in His Wardrobe

So, here’s an ultimate list of types of men’s ties which go with different occasions, outfits, and styles:

Apron Necktie

One of the most common types of ties is the apron necktie which is long and has pointed ends out of which one is larger, and the other is smaller. You can follow various types of tie knots to make a perfect style out of it. Windsor, the Half-Windsor knot, Persian knot, or the simple four-in-hand knots are quite popular. Globally Accepted, these ties are made from various fabrics and have different colors and designs. It looks great with a formal shirt, trousers, and suit.

Ascot Tie

Among all types of ties, ascot ties are considered a symbol of luxury and a perfect accessory for occasional wear. It is an enhanced version of the cravat but has minor differences. It’s worn over the dress shirt and has many patterns and colors. It is knotted several times with a hip scarf pin. It is usually made from silk and shiny fabrics.


Bowties are exclusively formal types of ties with a butterfly-shaped bow worn at the center of the collar. It is pre-made and has a string to tie at the back of the collar. Attractive bow ties made from various fabrics it’s worn on special occasions. 

Bolo/Bola Tie

Bolo/Bola tie is a different tie style for men, which suits the casual style more. It’s a long braid made of leather, silk, etc. It has metallic tips on both sides with a jewelry-like clasp. Its feature element is the decorative metal that’s called aglets. So, it’s more like jewelry cum tie, which became prevalent in the 1940s.

Cravat Necktie

The oldest kind of tie, the cravat necktie, has withstood the test of time. For the first time, it was worn by Croatian people. It’s a wide piece which has many designs and colors on it. Unlike the ascot, it’s worn inside the shirt, and the first two buttons open to show off the cravat. These types of ties for weddings look good on formal occasions.

Sailor Tie

Sailor tie has evolved from sailors’ habit of wearing a scarf around their necks. It has become a style symbol, a scarf made from various colors and designs as sailors’ ties. To wear this, you have to tie a sailor knot and wear it under the collar. Many men wear it with semi-formal outfits which look stylish.

String Tie

It’s often black and has a width of not more than one inch. A string tie resembles a bow tie with two strings hanging on either side. It looks great in semi-formal and formal events and is made from silk or other shiny fabrics. In addition, it adds a sleek accessory to your outfit.

7-Fold tie

The 7-fold tie has a very close relationship with four-fold ties. It can be folded seven times; hence its name is a seven-fold tie. It doesn’t have a lining and feels thin, but it forms a thick knot when you fold it. Generally made from high-quality silk, they’re ties for suits which look good in offices and formal occasions.

Clip-on Tie

The clip-on tie had become an adaptation to effortless styling. It has a hook or clip, which you can attach to the collar. The knot is made and tied with a pin and looks amazing. It’s for someone who is not good with making knots or loves merely the addition of quick accessories in their outfit. Just like different types of ties for suits, it looks formal and attractive. Eye-catchy tie clips are available, which are perfect clip-on ties.

Kipper Tie

The kipper tie became popular in the 20th century and is an adaptation to standard ties. The difference is that it is small and has a less complex knot. It’s a type of men’s tie which looks good with semi-formal and formal attire. 

Skinny Tie

Skinny ties are modern ones with widths up to 1.5 to 2.5 inches. It’s sleek, solid, and looks very casual. You can pair it with your shirt, trousers, and some trending bracelets and go to a 

party, everyday events, etc.

Western Bow-Tie

Western bowties are ties that are only appropriate for casual events. Like bow ties, it’s made using different colors, materials, and patterns. It can have a leather bow, a yellow knot, etc.; it looks good at hipster parties and some friendly get-togethers.

Hunting Stock Tie

Horse riders generally wear hunting stock ties while on the field. Initially, its purpose was to tie around wounds during riding. After that, it became a decorative piece of cloth wrapped around the collar with the help of pins. Made from different materials, it is quite sporty and looks good with semi-formal attire.

Upcycled Fashion Neckwear

An upcycled fashion neckwear tie is for women that became popular in the 1960s and 70s and looks stylish. It is generally made from different materials and has amazing colors and designs. At the bottom, there are metallic, stone, or ornate clips. It became popular for office wear and looks incredible.


The neckerchief is a casual tie made from a scarf or large cloth. You can use various knots and pair them with any casual outfit. It upgrades your outfit and looks fantastic. It’s available in different colors, prints, and materials.

Different Styles of Ties for Men

Here are different styles of ties for men that are both timeless and trending:


Casual types of ties for men are trending and are quite versatile. They have no fixed width or thickness. In addition, they can have pretty colors, designs, and fabrics. They go with casual events and parties and look charming. One of the classic examples is a patterned tie that adds a character to any outfit.

Polka Dot Ties

Simple and elegant, the polka dot tie is always popular with men. But if this pattern is chosen incorrectly, it can ruin the whole look. When selecting a polka dot tie, there are a few rules. The polka dots should be neither too big nor too small. You should also avoid patterns with dots that are too far apart or too tight. 

Geometric Pattern Ties

It has repetitive geometric patterns which are versatile. The motifs are small and look attractive. It’s a type of mens tie which looks good with semi-formal or formal attire. They are also known as houndstooth ties and Macclesfield ties.

Paisley Ties

The paisley tie has a floral pattern that originated in the Middle East. Both trendy and complex, it represents different things depending on its origin. Cypress trees, palm trees, shrubs, etc., are all represented. The paisley pattern is mostly found on wide ties. It is perfect for a vintage look.

Floral Ties

Always carry a floral tie when adding essentials for your beach trip. A perfect piece for casual parties, it looks really attractive. It has colors of spring and summer and looks charming. You can add it with a semi-formal shirt, shots, and slip-on. Finally, add some stunning rings to the outfit to create perfect informal party looks.

Novelty Ties

Novelty ties are fun ties that can have any pattern for amusement. For example, it can have small champagne bottles, cartoons, puppies, etc. It can be your perfect accessory for theme parties and casual gatherings. 

Tartan, Check, or Plaid Tie

These types of neckties have horizontal and vertical lines and various colors, styles, and patterns. It’s good to pair with a solid color dress shirt and may complement a semi-formal or casual event according to the pattern on the tie. They add lots of personality and spark to your outfit.

How to Wear a Tie?

There are different wearing styles according to the types of men’s ties. The knot of your tie should always hide the last button of the shirt. Never wear a polka dot shirt with a polka dot tie or a striped shirt with a striped tie. Adapt your tie to the situation. For everyday wear, choose strong, durable silk ties. For a job interview or business meeting, opt for plain ties! 

Fashion designers recommend a suit and shirt first and a tie only afterward. The tie should be darker than the shirt.

If you wear a white or cream shirt, you can pair it with any tie. You can opt for navy, light blue, gray (light or charcoal), burgundy, purple, etc. If you are a fan of patterned shirts, make sure that the colors and patterns of the tie match the basic colors of your shirt! As already mentioned, avoid a pattern similar to that of the shirt. 

With a light blue shirt, this is easy as it is versatile. The classic option is to select a navy blue tie. Other colors are burgundy, red, brown (light or dark), or green. Finally, choose salmon, pink, or coral if you prefer discreet colors. 

Unlike a white or light blue shirt, the checkered shirt imposes a certain rigor. For example, you can wear a plaid tie over a plaid shirt if only the pattern on the shirt is smaller.


This was a complete guide to different ties according to occasion and outfits. Ties around the world have fascinating stories and evolution. So, check out each style and upgrade your wardrobe with trending styles. Different types of ties will enhance your look and outfit considerably.

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