Types Of Shoes Every Man Should Own in 2022

Types Of Shoes Every Man Should Own in 2022

When Bette Midler said, “I firmly believe that with the right footwear, one can rule the world.” She was correct. Choosing the right footwear is especially important for men as only appropriate shoes can bring the best out of any outfit. In addition, it gives confidence and style, which is awesome. 

So, what are the main types of shoes for men? What are the most practical shoe materials and popular colors? This article will help you choose the right shoes for men. Let’s have a look!

Different Types of Shoes for Men

There are various essential shoes for men which serve various occasions and outfits. So, here is a complete list of must-have shoes for men:

Types of Dress Shoes for Men

Dress shoes are some men’s shoes that generally go with formal or semi-formal attire. Some of the popular dress shoes are:

Brogues: They have significant decorative perforations that are perfect for summer and spring looks. It goes well with any semi or formal clothing. A brogue, white shirt, semi-formal pants, and eye-catching bracelets will look amazing.

Derby: They look like oxfords but are more on the casual side. They can have open spacing and vertical designs. You can pair them with both formal and semi-formal looks.

The Monk Strap: It’s one of the most stylish mens shoes types which has a wide strap fastened with either a single or double-buckle closure. It can become a statement piece of your outfit.

Types of Formal Shoes for Men

This type of shoes have evolved from the interesting history of formal shoes and altered according to styles, region, and occasion. Some of them are:

Oxfords: Oxfords have closed lacing and look very formal. You can pair them with semi-formals. To create an occasional look, look for tan, brown and black colors that go well with formals. Pair it with a trending collection of necklaces.

Blucher Shoes: Similar to derby, the blucher has low heels, leather, and open laces. Another notable difference is pieces of leather sewn onto the shoe, making it unique. Pair it with a formal shirt, striking check tie, and formal pants.

Loafers: Loafers are trending because of their slip-on feature. You can easily wear and take them off. In addition, they are available in plain formal design, with tassels or high heels.

Types of Casual Shoes for Men

Casual styles of mens shoes are also evolving and have various mens shoes names. Some of them are:

  • Sneakers: In all mens shoes types, sneakers are gaining popularity. Sneakers are versatile, with style available in all designs and colors. They are comfortable and go with every age. Settle it with cool t-shirts, jeans, and attractive men’s rings.
  • Slip-on: Slip-on is quite effortless and looks very stylish. They can be your go-to everyday wear. There are plenty of pairs available in all materials, designs, and colors.
  • Driving shoes: They are designed for comfort and are all-day wear. They don’t have laces and look similar to loafers. 

Types of Leather Shoes for Men

Leather is quite durable for men’s shoes as it withstands rough weather and is waterproof. So, some of the types of shoes for leather men are:

  • The Chukka:  The chukka or desert boots have high ankles and are very comfortable. Being lightweight, they make the perfect pair for dressing with casuals. They are made from two types of leather and have two lace holes. Generally having soft material, they go well with t casual t-shirts, jeans, and stylish natural stone bracelets for men.
  • Chelsea: Chelsea boots derived from the retro fashion of Europe are amazing. They have high ankles and stylish sides. Some of them come with attractive laces and look very cool. You can pair them with all outfits.

How to Choose Shoes for Men? 

When choosing types of mens shoes, you may consider their type and style. However, the choice of shoes depends mainly on the purpose and the place where they will be worn. Therefore, special attention should be paid to selecting shoes for a formal event.

Sometimes the company dress code allows you to wear trainers to the office, but everyone will probably have to use the classic version of the shoe at least once in a lifetime. Therefore, it is important to understand all the nuances of the process of selecting a pair of shoes for a suit :

  • Oxfords are the only real option for the business environment. They are the foundation of a classic style.
  • Derbies go well with a business suit.
  • Brogues can be worn under a casual suit.
  • Monks are something between Oxfords and Derbies. This model is the best solution for those who want to add some spice to their business style.

How to Choose the Color of Men’s Shoes?


When choosing types of shoes for men, not only the shape but also the color is important. Of course, you can’t go wrong with matching classic black shoes with different elements of your wardrobe. That’s why we’ve come up with some original ideas for shoe colors.

  • All shades of brown: The abundance of shades makes it possible to choose shoes for all occasions having various brown colors.
  • Red color: A successful combination gives an interesting fashionable image. For example, try a gray suit, white shirt, and dark red shoes. Pair it with stylish bow ties for creating a statement.
  • Beige shades: They are moderately light colors. It is worn with informal clothing in the warmer months.
  • Blue: This color will successfully complement black casual wear. 
  • All shades of marsh green: This is the new and trending color of the year. It goes with white blacks and neutral and earthy tones of outfits.

Also, study the material carefully and assess the shoes’ comfort level, as the shoes’ quality depends directly on the comfort of wearing them. When choosing men’s shoes, you must examine the seams thoroughly. They should be uniform and neat, without wrinkles or folds. 

The stitches should be straight and continuous. A good material is of high quality, presentable, and without cuts or wrinkles. The color of the product should be saturated and uniform. At material joints, clear paint boundaries are quite normal and even correct. 

Pay attention to the comfort inside, as there should be no protruding elements that could irritate your feet in the future. Also, there should be no slippage, and good-quality shoes should not have a strong smell of glue or solvent. 

The smell should be discreet and fairly mild. Finally, before buying a shoe, check whether the sole is normally flexible because when walking, the sole must bend a little so that it is comfortable for the foot and does not end up cracking very quickly. In addition, the outsole must fit snugly against the last.

Knowing the numbers will not be enough to choose men’s shoes by size. First, the shoes must be tried on. Then, wear them and take at least ten steps, evaluating your feelings. If you feel uncomfortable, you should refuse to buy.

The abundance of new products, a wide assortment, and various brands and materials used make the choice of men’s shoes difficult. Still, at the same time, the modern world market is represented by many good companies producing a variety of men’s shoes. So today, everyone can find something to suit his taste and style.

FAQ on Men’s Shoes

Men have many types of shoes according to the occasion and style. Some of the most popular types are Moccasin, Sneakers, Boots, Sandals, Lace-Up, Canvas Shoes, Chukkas, Derby, Brogue Shoes, Monk Strap Shoes, Oxford Shoes, Running Shoes, Chelsea Boots, Flip Flops, etc.

There are numerous options if you’re a man with wide feet. Some popular picks are casual running shoes from Adidas, Nike, and other plus-size brands.

The men’s shoe size varies globally in every region. But, the most common size range is 8 to 12. But, nine can be the most standard size for men’s shoes.

In the US, men’s shoe size 42 is 9. It’s one of the most common sizes for men’s shoes, and you must convert your shoe fit according to various sizing standards.

Size 44 in US shoes in 10.5. It’s quite a typical size for men’s shoes. You can compare all the shoe size charts and select the right size.

There is approximately a 1.5 size difference for particular sizes of men’s and women’s shoes. For unisex shoes, size is followed according to the men’s size chart. So, always buy 1.5 sizes smaller while buying unisex shoes.

Trainers have recently become an icon for style, casual, sporty, and trendy looks. People are wearing trainers everywhere as they have a style which complements everything. So, pair them as you like and style them in comfort everywhere.


This was a detailed guide about types of shoes for men. So, find out what you need according to your purpose and style your outfits accordingly. The right pair of shoes having suitable colors and styles according to the occasion will elevate your personality like no other. Finally, pair your attire with trending accessories for a finished look!

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