10 Types of Bags for Men

Bags for men have been around for ages. It has evolved to become more stylish, practical, and trendy. Not only does it serve the purpose, but it’s a popular style quotient. So, if you’re planning to buy some stylish bags or want to update your wardrobe with this accessory, you’re at the right place.

Here it’s the complete guide for types of bags for men and every detail about each one. So, let’s have a look!

10 Types of Bags Every Man Should Have 

So, here’s a complete list of different types of bags for men:

Tote Bag

Among all types of bags for men, tote bags are trending the most. They are lightweight, practical, and stylish; the tote bag is a must-have for everyday use, especially in summer. It’s a great choice if you plan to go out on the town and hang out with your friends after work. You won’t have to carry a briefcase or portfolio, which are formal and less practical. 

A tote bag is a good choice for stylish, funny, and creative men, as it allows you to express your personality. But, of course, it would help if you opted for personalized designs or designs printed with a favorite quote, image, or message. 

Weekend Bag

A bag with long top zip and two straps for carrying are widely known as a weekend bag. Among a variety of types of bags for men, this one is ideal for weekend trips. It has enough space to accommodate clothes, gadgets, and all the essentials. Also, it is not overwhelmingly large, which makes it a perfect accessory for weekend trips. So, wear your cool shorts, casual shirts, and some trending bracelets with a weekend bag for a stylish look.


It’s a great choice for types of bags for men’s offices. Perfect for a workwear style, the briefcase is for business people or those who always need their laptops and documents. It is a very practical and functional piece and can also be stylish. First, choose models that are sober, robust, and discreet. Then, select a leather model for a more elegant look and pair it with your classic shoes and lavish rings.

Gym Bag

Gym bags are popular types of bags for men who love going to the gym. They have separate compartments for keeping fresh clothes, footwear, towels, etc. They are ideally water-resistant, lightweight, and come in sporty colors and designs. So, don’t forget your gym essentials like the best shoes for the gym, sweat-resistant clothes, etc. It also looks super stylish.

Cross-body Bag/ Satchel

In the past, the satchel, also known as a Besace, was considered only a functional accessory, but today it is a must-have in the dressing room of a stylish man. This type of bag is more suited to casual styles. However, it looks good for men of all ages. 

Messenger Bag

Messenger bags for men can be categorized as types of sling bags for men. They are rectangular, flat, and look so stylish. You can keep your important files, laptop, gadgets, and more. Fortunately, they’re available in all formal to casual looks. Pair it with chinos, casual shirts, and some trending necklaces for men.

Laptop Bag

Laptop bag is a broad term for both shoulder and backpack bags. They are kind of college types of bags for men. They have good padding and cushioning for keeping your laptop safe. Laptop bags are versatile. You can also keep your essentials like accessible water bottles, books, clothes, other gadgets, etc. You must look for durability, material, and cushioning in these bags.

Beach Bag

Beach bags are the best types of bags for men for some beach trips. They have wide openings for easy access, are waterproof, have small compartments, and look stylish. You can add the best sunscreen for beach trips, towels, water bottles, extra shorts, a smart men’s comb, etc. Also, you can collect your trash here and be a responsible tourist. They have happy summer colors and long straps and go very well with playful shorts, tank tops, and flip-flops.

Banana Bag

The famous bags of the 90s are back and are amazing types of bags for men. Since 2016 this piece has been very common in men’s and women’s fashion. For those who don’t know, it is a bag in the shape of a belt attached to the waist. It allows you to carry your essentials ( wallet, mobile, keys, handkerchief, glasses ) and not load your pockets. 

This model has several advantages. It is stylish, small, compact, and prevents theft. There are two types of banana packs: urban fanny packs and luxury fanny packs. The first type is perfect for the urban style. Luxury fanny packs (these are the models offered by major brands) are distinguished by their finish, their quality, and of course, their price. They are best suited to elegant outfits.

Vertical Briefcase Bag

Vertical Briefcase Bags are types of business bags for men which look very classic. They may or may not have wheels and sliding bars. Also, you can carry them in your hands. They especially complement some long tours and business trips and look very sophisticated. Available in all dark and masculine shades, they can be your favorite go-to bag with formal wear.

FAQ on Man Bags

Men’s bags are trending and becoming very popular. All the leading fast fashion brands are creating new stylish bags for particular needs. The men’s bag section has a wide variety and serves every need. There are many types of bags and pouches for men which look amazing.

Men’s bags are simply called man-bags or male bags. They have different names according to the style and nature of the bag.

In 2022, messenger, satchel, backpacks, and tote bags are so much in style. According to the occasion, leather, solids, and patterns look good and complement the outfit.


This was an ultimate guide to types of bags for men, their unique styles, and their purpose. You can try this versatile range and pick bags that will be useful for you. Having different bags according to the occasion is a must because it significantly improves your outfit. So, explore all the bags now and pick your favorite one.

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