20 tips on how to dress when you’re short

Shortness and masculine charm are not directly linked. This is what psychologists say. This is confirmed by the experience of many couples, where the man is shorter than the woman. Therefore, there is only one basic rule for choosing clothes for short men: wear neat and elegant clothes that you like, that go well with each other and emphasize your advantages! But if it’s important for you to look taller, follow these tips. In this article we have collected for you the most effective tips given by stylists.

20 wardrobe rules for short men

Check out our tips and consistently apply the ones that help you look taller and feel perfect !

  1. Don’t buy too massive watches or extravagant accessories. They draw too much attention and look insipid on short people. Go for small, non-flashy details that add a personal touch to the look.
  2. Keep it simple. Avoid large patch pockets, as they make the person look smaller. It is better to wear simple clothes without eye-catching decorative elements.
  3. Choose the top and bottom of your clothes in the same colours. Contrasts in clothing make the image of short men inharmonious. Clothes in black, grey, brown, burgundy and white are perfect for you.
  4. If you like stripes, prefer vertical ones. Light coloured shirts with a very small gingham check will suit you, for example, the combination of grey and white, or a combination of white and pastel blue. Blackwatch clothing, in which the horizontal lines are barely visible and the vertical lines are clear, will also make your look elegant and modern. A classic suit made of thin fabric with a visible vertical stripe will be perfect for you! 
  5. Make sure the top and bottom are approximately the same width. Choose a slim or straight fit.
  6. If you like to wear clothes in contrasting tones, choose a light top and a dark bottom. The opposite combination makes you look smaller.
  7. Choose clothes from smooth fabrics. Corduroy, batiste, thick cotton, knits with fine vertical lines will suit you.
  8. A black dinner jacket and white shirt are classic styles that work for everyone. Complete the look with a skinny tie.
  9. Place a small accessory on the upper body. Use a contrasting tie, a stylish scarf or a suit pocket. Decorative braces can also be very effective. A contrasting shirt collar will also help draw attention. 
  10. To make the legs look longer, wear the trousers with a very high waist, complement them with braces, this will make the image effective and masculine.
  11. Choose fine linen trousers and a long-sleeved, half-rolled shirt for the summer season. 
  12. Buy classic and elegant shoes. Special “tricks” to look taller, such as heels on boots and insoles, usually look tame. Don’t make yourself uncomfortable.
  13. Find brands that make stylish clothes for short men. Look for Italian and Japanese manufacturers. 
  14. Your wardrobe should be comfortable. It is confidence, not fashion, that will increase your appeal and attractiveness. So don’t sacrifice comfort 

for beauty.

  1. Don’t wear a t-shirt printed with big pictures.
  2. Double breasted jackets are only suitable for short men who need to look bigger. 
  3. Don’t follow advice that is contrary to your taste and inner vision. Experiment. Look for combinations that suit you personally. When you like your own reflection in the mirror, you are much more attractive than when you only follow the rules of fashion.
  4. Brightly coloured socks, although they may look trendy and interesting, should be avoided. Subdued socks, matching trousers and shoes, are the best choice, as this is the only way to achieve a vertical line.
  5. Match your shoes to the tone of your trousers.
  6. In order for the viewer’s gaze to glide easily upwards, creating the illusion of height, interruptions and stops in the way should be kept to a minimum; the silhouette should tend towards a single line. The suit is perfect for this role, but wearing it every day is not an acceptable option for everyone, unfortunately.

All of these tips can be effective and are more likely to work if you apply them in a holistic way, without forgetting the small details. However, keep in mind that nothing can ruin an entire image like a lack of confidence and poor posture. Even if you care a lot about your height, keep a minimum of composure and dignity. All of the above tips will then only be a useful, but not obligatory, addition.

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