Shaving Soap vs Cream: What’s the Difference

If you’re like most men, you probably think of shaving as a necessary evil. It’s just one more task that needs to be done each morning before starting your day. But what if there was a way to make shaving less of a chore? What if there was a way to make it something you looked forward to?

There are many ways to shave using shaving soap, foam, gel, or cream. All shaving products have the same goal: to help you achieve a close, comfortable shave.
Shaving Soap vs Cream vs Foam: which one is right for you? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.

Types of Shaving Products for Men

The principle behind shaving products is simple: they are designed to create a lather or other substance that will allow your razor to glide smoothly over your skin and lift hairs for a comfortable, close shave. 

All available products can be divided into two categories:

  • Ready-to-use products: foams and gels in tins, some creams that do not require whipping, and shaving oils.
  • Products that require additional handling: soaps and creams need to be whipped into a lather before use.

Shaving Foam

The most simple, cheapest, and most common option! This is the spray foam becoming the top shaving product for most men. Foam is also often found in gift sets. It is interesting to note that, despite its enormous popularity, the foam has several drawbacks:

  • Lack of perfect razor glide, even with a large volume of product used.
  • Foam does not adequately prepare the skin before the procedure.
  • Isobutane, the substance responsible for lather formation, i.e., present in all ready-to-use lather, often causes skin irritation.
  • The poor-quality foam settles quickly and is rapidly consumed.

Shaving Gel

No matter what kind of razor you use, having a good shaving gel can make all the difference in the world. Shaving gels help lubricate your skin and hair, making it easier for your razor to glide over your skin without causing irritation or nicks. They also help to lift the hair away from the skin, giving you a closer, smoother shave.

Shaving Cream

A shaving cream is a mixture of shaving soap and additives such as essential oils if it is of good quality. A small amount of cream should be whipped into a bowl with a shaving brush to create the lather. The cream can also be whipped into the palm or directly onto the face. The resulting lather is very different from that obtained from a bottle.

Learn more about how to choose a shaving brush in our ultimate guide!

Shaving creams moisturize the skin, prepare it for shaving and lift the hair. The lather does not finish quickly and provides excellent glide.

Advantages of shaving cream:

  • Warm and silky foam, easy to apply.
  • Positive effects on the skin: vaporization, hydration, softening, disinfecting effect.
  • Easy to dose, no overuse.
  • Optimal razor glide.

Disadvantages of shaving cream:

People who have shaved with ready-made foams may need some time to “whip” the cream.

The shaving process takes a little longer.

A good quality cream with a natural composition is the perfect solution for shaving with any razor. The product will prepare your skin and make your shave as comfortable as possible, and its soothing effect will continue afterward.

Shaving Soap

For those who like the classic approach, soap is ideal. It’s the best-known way to give a classic shave while producing a perfect, warm lather with a fluffy lather. With soap, shaving is not just about getting rid of the beard. It is a mystery available to the man who cares about what he puts on his face.

Simple in appearance, soap requires specific skills to use. For example, it is crucial to calculate the right amount of water to whip it with. The lather can be too dry or too wet, settle quickly, or runoff. With a bit of experience, it is easy to produce a perfect lather.

Advantages of shaving soap

  • Economical and long-lasting because it does not contain excess water
  • Natural composition
  • Perfect lather and glide

Disadvantages of shaving soap

  • Always need a shaving brush and a bowl.
  • It takes some getting used to at first to get a perfect consistency.
  • It takes a little longer to shave.

In short, using soap has its specificities, and for those who have just switched from shaving foam in a bottle, this procedure may seem too tedious. For those who like a classic shave, soap is an excellent choice.

Other Shaving Products

In addition to the products described above, there are several other cosmetics used for shaving:

  • Shaving oils -These are multi-purpose products that prepare the skin, help ensure glide during shaving, and can also be applied after shaving.
  • Shaving gels that don’t need to be whipped. 

Shaving Soap vs Cream vs Other Products: Which to Choose

Shaving is an individual process, and there are no fixed rules when choosing accessories. But there is something for everyone, and it can take a long time to find the right product. A few simple rules can help you get a clear idea of what is suitable for you.

The best solution is the standard spray foam for men who ignore the traditions of the classic approach and use ordinary machines. It is easy to use, readily available, and inexpensive.

When the thought of comfort crosses your mind, it is worth investing in shaving cream. This product will take a little more time and energy, but only until you get used to it. The resulting foam contrasts nicely with the contents of the bottle. Good creams contain a simple shaving soap mixed with natural fats and oils. It’s all about fragrance, good skincare, and a perfect glide.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of solid shaving soaps for those looking to add to their product collection and experience all the sensations of a classic shaving session. This option is not “for everyone” as it requires extra skill and handling.

And remember, if you don’t want to shave your hair or choose your type of cosmetics, leave it to the professionals. Every hair salon offers a razor shaving service. Skilled craftsmen can make the process quick and comfortable.

FAQ: Shaving Soap vs Cream

Heavy cream is one of the most popular type of shaving cream. It is thick and provides a rich lather that can help to soften the hair and reduce irritation. This cream is best suited for those with sensitive skin or coarse hair.

Light cream is another popular option that can provide a less intense lather than heavy cream. It is a good choice for those with normal to oily skin as it can help to remove excess oils.

There are a few key differences between shaving soap and shaving cream. Shaving soap is usually made with natural ingredients, while shaving cream often contains synthetic materials. This can make a difference in how your skin feels after shaving. Shaving soap is also more concentrated than shaving cream, so you may find that it lasts longer. Finally, shaving soap often produces a more robust lather than shaving cream.

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