Vintage Style Men: 7 Essentials to Create a Retro Style Men’s Look

Vintage Style Men: 7 Essentials to Create a Retro Style Men's Look

When it comes to dressing retro and having a vintage look for men, there are many different ways that a guy can choose to do so. Some men may opt for more classic styles, like pinstriped suits or high-waisted trousers, while others may prefer more modern takes on retro trends, such as ripped jeans and graphic tees.

How to Choose the Right Vintage Outfits for Men?

Whether you’re into vintage fashion or contemporary street style, there are many ways to incorporate retro elements into your wardrobe. To start, think about the era that is most closely associated with your style – perhaps you love the sleek lines of the 1960s mod look or the vivid patterns of the 1970s disco scene. Once you’ve identified your favorite decade, you can begin incorporating key pieces into your wardrobe that reflect that era.

For example, if you’re into vintage fashion, consider adding a pair of men’s wingtip boots to your wardrobe or trying out a skinny tie for a retro-inspired look. If your style is more modern and streetwear-focused, try pairing distressed jeans with a graphic tee or rocking an on-trend bomber jacket instead.

7 Essentials to Create a Retro Style Men’s Look

Elegant and seductive, retro style never goes out of fashion. It’s always tasteful and offers a trip back in time. If you want to achieve a retro look, you’re in the right place. Here are seven essentials you need to have in your wardrobe to create a retro-style men’s look. 

Retro hat

A hat is a must-have accessory for a good retro men’s look. Vintage models are always in fashion. They allow you to create a noble and elegant look. The Fedora and the Borsalino are ideal if you are looking for an ultra retro look. These are the Italian hats considered the finest hat manufacturer in the world. Associated with elegance, the Fedora and Borsalino were once intended for men of good families. They were usually black or brown, often made of felt, and quite stiff. 

Not a fan of the Fedora and Borsalino? Don’t worry! We’ve got another idea to bring that famous vintage touch to your outfit: an English cap! Simple, discreet, light, and flexible for any occasion. It has a small visor sewn directly under the cap. So, apart from the aesthetic aspect, it will protect you from the sunlight. You can wear it for everyday use as well as for special events.

Vintage Style Men: 7 Essentials to Create a Retro Style Men's Look
Ⓒ Clem Onojeghuo, Unsplash

Bow Tie

Eloquent and chic, this accessory brings a retro touch to your outfit and expresses your uniqueness. You can opt for plain or vintage patterns. We recommend using it in combination with a suit pocket for a more eye-catching look and a more retro look. We have selected some trendy bow ties for a better retro look.


A stylish, comfortable, and practical garment, the waistcoat is essential for a successful retro outfit for men. Moreover, it helps when you hesitate between a jacket and a coat. You can opt for a thin grey waistcoat for a retro-chic look and match it with a white shirt and a burgundy bow tie. 


Before going back to the aesthetic side of this accessory, let’s make it clear that it has a concrete function. The braces keep the trousers straight. This means that you can replace the belt with braces if you don’t want to wear belts too tight on the waist or belly. Synonymous with elegance and virility in the 1930s, braces were the must-have item in men’s wardrobes who wanted to charm women. 

Today, braces are a common part of men’s wedding attire. There are two main categories of braces: clips and buttons. This accessory has a retro feel and attracts more and more young people. It has a character that gives the wearer a serious and elegant dimension. Braces are always welcome in the office, at a wedding, or a party. The advantage of this accessory is that it can be adapted to any outfit. It can be worn with suit trousers, jeans, chino pants or shorts. Men who wear braces always show taste and originality, 

For a 100% retro look, you can wear braces with vintage shirts. Those are the perfect accessory to retro outfits for men.

Pocket Square

This is a must-have accessory in men’s fashion, especially when it comes to vintage-style men. This little item draws attention to the look and enhances the overall look. The pocket square is not new. It comes from antiquity and was first used by the Greeks and Egyptians as a simple white handkerchief, then by the French in the 14th century. They perfumed it to avoid bad smells. 

As the pocket square had a hygienic use, it was placed in the trouser pockets. With the advent of two-piece suits, men started to put them in their jacket pockets to keep them clean. In the 20th century, pocket squares became more of a decorative accessory, like the bow tie or the tie. Today it is worn in the outer left pocket of the jacket.

Silk Scarf

A silk scarf isn’t a must-have piece, but it’s ideal if you’re looking to create an ultra retro outfit. Plus, it works well for wedding ceremonies in vintage themes. 

Retro Jewelry

Jewelry is the finishing touch to your retro look. Go for a pretty vintage signet ring. This is an iconic ring. It symbolizes nobility and represents a heritage that has been passed down from generation to generation. This jewelry dates back to Roman antiquity. Aesthetic and symbolic, it was also used as proof of identification, to sign letters and legal papers with a wax seal. Over time, this exceptional piece of jewelry has taken on a sentimental dimension. 

Today, signet rings are ultra-trendy jewelry among vintage/retro fashion designers. Mythical, chic and imposing, the signet ring is a jewel that is always in vogue. Synonymous with elegance, nobility, and family values, it is a ring with strong symbolism. Powerful and assertive, it is perfect to seal your personality and complete a truly retro look. A timeless ring, it is always appreciated by men of all generations. 

Traditionally the signet ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand. But today’s fashion designers don’t impose a particular place to wear this ring. You can wear it on any finger.

The signet ring can be gold, white gold, silver, and stainless steel. It can also be engraved on fine, semi-precious, or precious stones. There are several shapes of signet rings: round, oval, barrel, square, and many others. 

If you are not a fan of rings, we suggest two alternatives: ethnic and cuff bracelets.

  • Ethnic bracelets offer a retro and elegant spirit. As the name suggests, this type of bracelet is based on the ethnocultural codes of a particular people. 
  • Cuff bracelets tighten the wrist and go up the forearm. They evoke the cuff of a shirt forming a sort of fixed wrist, from which its name comes. This type of bracelet has been in fashion since the second half of the 19th century.

Today there are several types of cuff bracelets for men. The most common models are braided leather bracelets that wrap around the wrist. 

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5 Tips for Men to Wearing Vintage Style with a Modern Twist

Looking to add a retro vibe to your wardrobe? Whether you’re looking for an on-trend outfit or simply want to channel the style of decades past, there are many ways to wear retro style with a modern twist. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Tip #1. Start with the basics. A retro-inspired outfit for men begins with the right foundations. That means a great pair of trousers, a cozy sweater, and a well-fitted shirt. You can mix and match these pieces to create endless looks.
  • Tip #2. Incorporate vintage pieces. Incorporate some vintage elements into your wardrobe to nail that retro style. A great way to do this is by shopping at thrift stores or rummaging through your grandparents’ closets (with their permission).
  • Tip #3. Put your spin on it. Just because you’re going for a retro look doesn’t mean you have to be a slave to past fashion trends. Feel free to spin things and make them look your own.
  • Tip #4. Accessorize accordingly. The right accessories can make or break a retro-inspired outfit. Make sure to choose pieces that complement your overall look.
  • Tip #5. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Have fun with your retro style, and don’t be scared to experiment. You might be surprised at what looks good on you!
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