How to dress well when you are a thin man

Fashion designers often come up with original clothes and unusual combinations. So it shouldn’t be difficult to find an attractive and stylish look for men. But in practice, only men with an athletic figure can afford to successfully update their wardrobe. A slim man has to spend a lot of effort and nerves to find something fashionable. So, how can you look good when you’re thin?

Buying the right clothes

Fashion designers are convinced that thin men have no problem creating an interesting look if you know a few nuances. It’s just that they make big mistakes when they want to hide their “flaws”. As a result, from the outside they look even thinner and longer than they really are. There is no need to hide the thin waist under a big T-shirt! On the contrary, it is better to emphasise your slim figure and the absence of a “beer belly”.

How to choose the right outfit?

Only buy clothes that fit you. Imagine a little boy wearing his daddy’s suit. That’s exactly how you’ll look if you buy a large T-shirt or jacket. It is important that the fabric emphasises the contours of the body, that it lies clearly on the shoulders and that the seams do not hang down.

Pay attention to the length of the garment. The hem of a jacket, sweatshirt or bomber should be at buttock level! Shorter clothes will accentuate thin legs and arms, and the upper body will look too “fat”. The result is a disproportionate look. 

Choose clothes that are close to the body. Flared shirts will look unnatural and like a nightie. All clothing should retain its shape, so rough, thick and textured fabrics are recommended. Silk and other flowing fabrics should be avoided. 

Pay attention to the material. It should be neither too thin nor too thick. Coarse knitwear should be immediately excluded from the wardrobe. A slim man should consider tweed, wool, denim, flannel, cotton. Corduroy trousers are a real bargain, especially in dark mustard colours.

All the pieces should be harmonious and of almost the same size and thickness. Don’t wear a thick cardigan under tight trousers or wide trousers with a T-shirt. Keep the top and bottom in proportion. Be sure to consider the fit of the garment when shopping. Avoid anything that visually elongates the figure. For example, a pronounced V-neck is unacceptable, even for jackets and waistcoats! Your goal is to draw people’s eyes away from your slim neck, small shoulders and not too large chest. The ideal option would be a slightly round neckline and a U-shape. 

Ideal items for skinny men

Many thin men prefer loose-fitting street or sports styles. But what if the dress code requires you to wear a classic outfit? There are a few tips that can help you achieve the perfect look. 

First of all, you should pay attention to details and accessories that visually increase the volume of the figure:

  • a belt of moderate width with a large rectangular plate positioned horizontally;
  • a scarf in the same tone as the shirt;
  • a small pocket on the jacket in which a handkerchief can be placed;
  • a wide, high collar;
  • large buttons.

When choosing clothes, remember a technique such as layering. For example, if you can wear a shirt, you should wear a t-shirt. The torso will look more “puffy” if you use a textile or knitted waistcoat. Clothes with horizontal stripes or moderate checks are a perfect option for slim men.

Which trousers for slim men? 

Trousers and jeans should be straight. Consider the position and style of the pockets. Inside pockets are preferable to patch pockets. There should not be many textile elements and decorations on the hips, nor rivets.

Classic trousers should be carefully ironed, as straight lines make the figure look very long and thin. Add volume to trousers with neat pleats, which appear on the sides or underneath. Chinos in delicate shades look great. Jeans in light colours can be rolled up to the ankle.

What to wear for slim men? 

Shirts and polo shirts are an excellent option for slim men. Shirts should be slightly fitted. In summer, wear a short-sleeved shirt. Cuffs should be narrow, i.e. adapted to the width of the body. It is important to choose shirts that are not too loose, as they will be associated with a parachute, preferably a shirt with chest pockets. Jumpers and sweatshirts are ideal for colder weather.

What shoes and accessories for slim men? 

The tie plays an important role in a man’s look. It should be adapted to the width of the lapel. Use accessories: solid buttons, cufflinks, tie clips, bow ties or shoulder pads. 

Opt for shoes with low soles and boots with round or square toes. Shoes with laces slightly widen the ankle. It is best not to tuck trousers into boots. Flip-flops and sandals should be chosen with crossed stripes to widen the foot.

Clothes to avoid for slim men

When buying loose-fitting clothes, you should pay attention to the colour scheme. Some shades visually narrow or widen a man’s figure. Such details are undesirable in the wardrobe of slim men.

The following items should be excluded:

  • all tight, bulky and shapeless clothing;
  • short collars;
  • large, thick snoods;
  • boyfriend jeans;
  • Oversized ties;
  • leather trousers;
  • sleeveless shirts;
  • black T-shirts with no print;
  • jackets with pockets below or at the hip line.

When it comes to accessories, we don’t recommend wearing massive watches, oversized rings, bracelets and elongated pendants. Chains should be chosen with care as they can unnecessarily emphasize a young man’s swan neck. 

The perfect colour combination for slim men

Use colours to create a stunning voluminous effect on almost any outfit. Avoid monochrome tops and bottoms in your look. It’s best to stick with the classic contrast of white and black. However, be careful with black is very slimming, so it should be used with caution in the wardrobe of slim men.

Colours that add volume to your clothes. 

  • The colour brown, especially in bronze, burgundy or copper;
  • Almost all dark colours, especially grey;
  • Sand and mustard colours;
  • Aubergine colours, so look for a shirt in this colour combination;
  • The checkerboard pattern (the smaller it is, the stronger it looks);
  • Horizontal stripes;
  • You don’t have to buy things with huge prints.
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