5 Types of Suits for Men: A Guide to Men’s Suit Styles

Various suits are essential to a man’s wardrobe, which fulfills all casual, formal, and semi-formal styles. This universal style statement is evolving daily and represents masculinity and elegance. If you’re new to suits or want to update your style, keep reading to learn everything about men’s suit styles

So, bring in confidence, style, and comfort with various suits. Without much delay, let’s have a look!

5 Most Trendy Men’s Suit Styles

The history of suits has different stories originating from various parts of the world. However, it has withstood all the eras, and the style is still prevalent in modern times. So, don’t leave your wardrobe devoid of this amazing style, so let’s look at the most trendy suit styles. 

Trending Men’s Suit Styles

  • Formal Suit: Formal suit has everything that complements the suit and is classic men’s suit style. It has a good fit, formal colors, stylish buttons, structured fit, and pockets. You can pair it with classic ties and pocket squares too.
  • Casual Suit: You can experiment with casual suits, as you can pair them with blazers, semi-formal shirts, and even sweaters. Also, you can keep the buttons open. They look good in daily wear or on semi-formal occasions. It is more of a modern mens suit styles and looks brilliant.
  • Business Suit: As the name says, it’s a little formal and professional. They are single, double-breasted, and have side colors like black, navy charcoal, etc. It’s slim fit and looks very classic. Pair it with the best dress shirts for men for a complete look.
  • Tuxedos: They are also known as dinner suits that look best for wedding mens suit styles and other occasions. They have shiny or textured shawl lapels and look brilliant. It can be your best attire for rocking any event. Many mens suit styles pictures have tuxedos in them, which justifies their popularity.


The most trendy cuts of mens suit styles are broadly divided into three categories. Each cut gives a different impression and serves various occasions, bodies, and types. So, these are:

  • British Cut: It is one of the most globally trending suits inspired by English military outfits. It is well structured, has low gorge lines, structured shoulders, stiff canvas, hacking pocket, and fine cut lines. It is very neat, has heavy fabrics, and looks like a real gentleman’s dress.
  • Italian Cut: It’s a little casual and has light fabrics, which is good for warmer climates. It is fitted and has no breaks with unstructured jackets. In addition, it has high buttons, flapless pockets, and high gorge lines. It is a tight-fitted, slim, and very stylish attire; you can pair it with trending accessories like bold men’s rings to enhance the outfit. It’s more of young mens suit styles and looks dashing.
  • American Cut: It’s one of the most versatile cuts adapted to different types. Some of its particular traits are a big build, a three-button sleeve, and a low armhole. There is no padding, and there are flap pockets. Also, it has a refined look and is popular for summer suit styles mens.


Buttons make a huge difference in mens suit styles 2022. Bold, decorative buttons set a festive and occasional tone. At the same time, sleek, minimalist buttons have a defined look and give a casual appearance.

So, there can be suits with single, double, and triple buttons. These styles repost common:

  • Single Button: It suits the casual look and gives an impression of a long V look. You must button the suit while standing and unbutton it while sitting.
  • Double Button: It’s one of the most common looks which gives a broad and slim look. You must button them while standing and unbutton the lower button while seated.
  • Triple Button: It has a shallow V look and goes well with formal occasions. It’s more traditional. You can unbutton the lower button or middle button.


There are three popular suits according to types of pockets. It affects the overall look and nature of the suit significantly.

  • Patch Pocket: Patch pockets were traditionally popular in blazers and create a very neat look for suits. A patch-like pocket is attached to the suit, which looks very stylish. 
  • Flapped Pocket: It’s one of the most common pocket types, with a big flap over the pocket. It gives a broad and statement look to the attire.
  • Jetted Pocket: It is new and modern, and many youngsters love jetted pockets. It looks very sleek and has a narrow opening.


Today, suits are available in all materials and ranges. These options make them quite accessible and versatile. One of the popular materials is wool which is heavy and goes with men’s fall suit styles. 

On the other hand, in summer, you can go for light and stylish linen. The type of material imparts a casual, semi-formal, or formal look. So, always use heavy, rich, and premium materials to create formal suits. In contrast, you can go for light fabrics for a more casual look and men’s summer suit styles. 

How to Choose Accessories for the Suit? 

You must accessorize your suits because they will give a stylish finishing touch. However, in choosing accessories for a suit, you have to be careful because, in most cases, they are intended for a more formal look. 

A small flower, a stylish bow tie, or a nice suit pocket will make you shine at a wedding ceremony or a formal event. Also, if you are in a business environment (company, bank, etc.), a tie or a discreet suit pocket would be an ideal choice as a suit accessory.

As for the color of your suit pocket, it should be in full coherence with your suit or shirt to avoid any fashion faux pas and be well dressed. Patterns? Opt for simple designs if you are afraid of fashion adventures. Also, you can pair your casual suit with stylish bracelets, as it imparts character to the outfit.

FAQ on Suit Styles for Men

Men’s suits don’t go out of style as suits are forever. Of course, they evolve according to trends, but you can accessorize and revamp them to create a fresh look every time.

The most trendy men’s suit styles in 2022 are slim fit, Italian style suits. Also, suits with wool, linen, and new fabrics are trending a lot. Tuxedo-style suits are a great option for occasions.

The main types of suits are single-breasted suits and double-breasted suits. Apart from this, popular styles are formal, casual, tuxedos, slim-fit, shawl lapel suits, etc.

Best men’s suit styles for weddings are classically tailored suits with navy, black, charcoal, etc. In addition, a tuxedo with a satin shawl lapel is quite popular for men’s suit styles weddings. Also, the right accessories like ties, pocket squares, and jewelry can make it more attractive.

Black is the universal color of mourning. So, for such days, you can wear black or dark gray shades. Pair it with a basic shirt, black jacket, and trousers.

The main difference in the suit styles is whether it’s single or double-breasted. Other differences are its fit, cut, collar, pockets, buttons, armholes, etc. All these little things make all the suits different.

The classic 1960s men’s suit styles were slim fit, single-breasted, and had sleek ties. So, this style is still popular and modernized according to the latest trend.

There are different men’s suit styles for body types. For example, if you’re a big guy or have a very pronounced V-shape, choose a jacket with Neapolitan shoulders that don’t contain padding. On the other hand, if you’re a little slender and have an H or A or a slight V shape, you can choose a jacket with padded shoulders to structure your bust and add a little volume to your shoulders.

Two types of famous trousers are classic trousers and trousers with clips. Classic trousers have an elegant touch while clip-on ones are more comfortable. Also, the pockets must stick together perfectly. If the pockets of the trousers yawn, it means they are too small for you. Lastly, the hem is straight and long enough to break the shoe.


This was a detailed men’s suit styles guide. Suits are essential to every men’s wardrobe and must be perfect for every occasion. So, update your closet by checking the trending style discussed above. Always choose the right fit and pair your suit with accessories according to the event. Look for fabrics that go with the weather and the day’s occasion. Finally, go for the best fit with the best men’s suit styles because a well-dressed man is the first tick mark to your charming personality.

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