How to choose and wear a hat for men

The hat is one of those accessories that even the most elegant men are often afraid to wear. If the bow tie is something that many people don’t dare to wear because they don’t know how to tie it, then the hat is risky because very few people wear it nowadays, which means that there is always the danger of being seen as a black sheep. That’s why we decided to make this article that will help you choose and wear a hat for men.

What material for a man’s hat?

There are several materials that can be used to make a hat. The most important and common material for hats is felt (a thin, thick felt made from wool). The felt hat is a classic. In the 21st century, there are many variations of felt: half-wool, acrylic and even bamboo. We advise you to buy the natural wool felt model. This will give you a high-quality, durable fabric accessory.

Tweed hats can be described as light, soft to the touch, a little fluffy, usually woven in twill or, more simply, in herringbone. It is known that tweed is mainly used for suits, trousers and coats. But tweed hats are just as popular and fashionable.

Panama hats are made from a special Ecuadorian straw with a very dense weave. The higher the quality of the Panama hat, the denser the weave and the softer it feels.

Other materials used in modern hats include cotton, leather, denim, suede and mixed fabrics. They can be found in many clothing and hat brands. The main advantage of these hats is their versatility, which allows them to match almost any outfit.

The decoration of men’s hats is quite modest, unlike women’s models. For decoration a hat band (often silk or satin), a bow, a buckle, a decorative pin and, rarely, feathers are used. The hat itself will already be a heavy accent in your image. All that remains is to choose the model.

The different hat styles – tradition and fashion

2.1 The Fedora. This model can be considered the starting point of men’s hat fashion, although it is borrowed from the women’s wardrobe. The standard for a fedora is a medium brim with a particular cap pattern. This model is versatile. The dark, thick, smooth felt model with a silk ribbon has a formal look and will look great with a classic suit. And the brown or green model with its eye-catching ribbon will easily go with a blazer or a trendy knitted cardigan as well as with this ensemble: strict trousers, a white shirt, a neat tie and braces.

2.2 The trilby is one of the most popular hats today. It is a smaller version of the fedora with a shorter brim, with small raised edges at the tips. It got its novelty from George du Maurier’s Trilby.

The trilby can be worn at any time of the year: for example, for the summer you can find models made of cotton canvas, straw (rush, raffia or sometimes sisal, even panama), etc. For the winter you can opt for a trilby made of straw. For winter you can choose models made of felt (wool or rabbit hair), wool or other fabrics. The trilby is the hat of choice for young people, hipsters and showbiz personalities. The trilby is a versatile piece. It fits in almost every wardrobe, does not require a difficult choice of clothes. It goes perfectly with trousers and shorts and often accompanies baggy jeans, a white T-shirt and a smart cardigan. Trainers and sneakers are no obstacle to the trilby.

2.3 The Homburg is probably the most serious hat, but it can still be worn on a daily basis. This piece is of German origin and has been popularised since the late 19th century. This semi-rigid hat has a rounded shape and is characterised by a central ‘gutter’ at the top, a wide silk grosgrain and a hemmed brim. It is usually grey or dark in colour. Most hats are made of high quality felt. Such hats are sometimes seen on television in gangster films and detective stories. It is a solid option to pair with a business suit and a cashmere coat. The dark grey or black homburg is perfect for formal occasions, going to the theatre or the opera. 

2.4 Summer hats (panama). Today industrial production has turned a genuine straw hat into a mass consumer item, but the high quality is rightly reserved for handmade straw products. A straw hat is an excellent addition to your summer wardrobe, especially when paired with sunglasses.

2.5 A cowboy hat. For a long time now, this model has only been associated with the American prairies and savannahs. Made of felt, leather and, more rarely, straw, cowboy hats are characterised by a high crown and wide brims. Wearing such a hat means being noticed and attracting attention. A cowboy hat is not the most popular choice, but if it suits your style and way of thinking, then go for it!

How do you choose a hat for men?

There are no hard and fast rules about what shape of hat fits what type of face. A hat should fit and harmonise with the wearer’s face, not just attract attention. For a large face, the hat should be large enough. People with a narrow face should choose a hat with a narrower and a wider brim. Men with a prominent nose should choose a hat with a wide brim to “compensate” for the nose. A wide brim also helps to hide protruding ears.

The size of a hat is important to make it comfortable. It should not be too tight, but it should not fall off your head at any angle.

In most cases, there is no harm in tilting the hat slightly to the side – a few degrees can completely change the image. Don’t treat hats like a carnival costume. Try to forget it’s on your head, treat it the same way you treat your shoes. Don’t adjust it unnecessarily, don’t rub the brim, don’t look in the mirror every chance you get – in short, pretend you don’t have a hat. People around you will then perceive it more naturally.

In rooms where you want to sit and stay (restaurants, cinemas, flats), it is imperative to remove your hat. In passages (entrance hall, lift, corridor) and public places (shop, post office), however, it is not necessary.

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