Men’s Bracelets Wearing Guide: Styles, Types & Sizes

Like evergreen men’s watches, the men’s bracelets are also a timeless accessory. The versatile bracelets are available in all subtle, bold, and heavy designs. Find out everything there is to know about this trendy accessory!

Luckily, it’s a simple jewel that changes everything! The stylish bracelets are part of the style of the trendy man. It is now an indispensable part of the men’s wardrobe, a true fashion accessory, bringing character and style to any outfit. 

The bracelet is infinitely adaptable to suit all-male personalities. Let’s discover the men’s bracelet styles that are forever!

4 Reasons for Men to Wear Bracelets

Bracelets are not a new piece of jewelry, but a piece of jewelry which has withstood the time of history. Many warriors, kings and conquerors wore stylish bracelets for good luck, style and fortune. So, mens bracelet styles are back in many forms and elevates your personality and outfit. So, four reasons for men to wear bracelets are:

  • It makes you Trendy

Keeping up with trends is just not impressing others but yourself. A trendy fashion accessory boosts your confidence and looks very sophisticated and elegant. Bracelets made from stainless steel, having vintage motifs, leather etc., go with various occasions and bring confidence.

  • A Great Conversation Starter

Everyone will pay attention to your wrist and ask questions like, “Your bracelet looks cool; where did you get it? It makes a great conversation starter and makes you narrate its purpose, story, and more. So, owning a fashion accessory like a bracelet is a great topic for a little chat.

  • Good luck and Good Health

Certain materials, symbols, stones etc., have great benefits as they bring fortune and good health. For example, gemstones shower positivity and take in the negativity. So, bring lots of good vibes with trendy bracelets.

  • Boosts Confidence

A sense of completion in an outfit makes you feel confident about your style and looks very satisfying. This feeling is enough to add motivation and confidence to represent yourself. A bracelet that completes your attire makes you feel updated.

Different Types of Men’s Bracelets

There are many types of mens bracelets, let’s have a look:

Chain Bracelet

This model is the most beloved bestseller in men’s jewelry. These are flexible metal bracelets made up of chain links. You can notice small medallions suspended from the chain. Various chain bracelets have different thicknesses, designs and colors.

Chain bracelets are always in vogue. 

Being an iconic jewel, it is the ultimate demonstration of confidence. In addition, it is elegant and luxurious, which makes it a real eye-catcher. Thanks to its basic and virile design, it offers the wearer a great feeling of freedom. It is suitable for everyday use as well as for the big days. Here is an example of an eternal chain bracelet.

Pearl Bracelet

Pearl bracelets hold historic significance in many civilizations. It is an accessory that has always been present in many cultures with a strong meaning. For example, the Greeks considered that pearls are born from the dew and the moon deposits in the offered flesh of oysters floating on the waters’ surface. 

The Romans attributed the pearls to Venus. In India, beads were used to create objects from a philosophical belief system, such as Italics bracelets. The pearl bracelet is a timeless accessory that always comes back to the forefront to create unique looks. 

Cuff Bracelet

It is a wide bracelet that tightens the wrist and goes up to the forearm. Its name comes from the cuff of the shirt around the wrist. This type of bracelet has been in fashion since the second half of the 19th century.

Today there are several types of cuff bracelets for men. The most widespread models are the braided leather bracelets that wrap around the wrist, exactly like these.

Pendant Bracelet

Its name suggests a bracelet that carries personal charms or decorative pendants that symbolize different things in the wearer’s life. The history of pendant bracelets dates back to the Neolithic period, when people wore unusual stones around their arms to protect themselves from animals, natural disasters and dangers. The pendants, therefore, had the function of amulets.

The world of men’s bracelets offers a profusion of styles. Classic, minimalist, punk, rock, Viking, ethnic, Latino, retro, medieval: the models are numerous. Let’s discover the most popular styles of men’s bracelets!

Rush Bracelet

It is an elegant jewel consisting of a ring of regular shapes, such as a round, square or rectangle. The most fashionable model of the rushes is the one open on both sides. Rushes bracelet brings a chic touch to every look.

Men’s Bracelet Styles: Origin and Meaning

Ethnic Bracelet

As the name signifies, this type of bracelet takes up the ethnocultural codes of a people. Therefore, it is particularly appreciated by open-minded people who love to travel, meet people and discover new cultures. But it should be remembered that this type of bracelet is also a little extravagant, so you have to be careful in the choice of the outfit.

Punk Bracelet

This bracelet style refers to the punk style, which is considered anti-materialistic and trendy. In the world of men’s jewelry, bracelets with skull motifs remain a true bestseller. They symbolize vitality, immortality, philosophical thoughts, inner power and valuable experiences. The skull symbol also represents protection against death and the skull bracelets look very chic.

The punk wristbands are particularly appreciated by any biker, motorcyclist, and those who consider speeding a means of self-assertion. If you want to adopt a punk style, punk bracelets will be a perfect starting point!

Viking Bracelet

Today, bracelets with Viking symbols are very trendy in men’s fashion. Aside from being aesthetic, they are also bearers of values and rich in meaning. You can find a wide range of bracelets with Viking motifs (compass, Valknut, Thor’s hammer, wolf, dragon, Triquetra) exactly like these.

Classic Bracelet

It’s about a style that’s both simple and chic. Classic bracelets are characterized by their elegance. You can carry it in a minimalistic way or pair it with your watches. We find classic bracelets mainly for beads, chain and rush models.

What is the Most Common Bracelet Size for Men?

When looking for a bracelet, always pay attention to the size of the jewel. Although 8 inches is the most common size, it varies from individual to individual.

The size and width of the bracelet must compliment your wrist. Those with thicker wrists should opt for wider bracelets, and those with narrower wrists should opt for thinner bracelets.

For the bracelet to be worn securely and comfortably, it must be tight enough. But beware! It should not bother you either. When choosing a bracelet, keep it under your shirt sleeve. This will give you a good orientation.

Tip: Always make sure that the wrist and bracelets have space for one or two fingers in between for a comfortable fit.

FAQ on Men’s Bracelets

There is no hard and fast rule because you can wear a bracelet on any hand. You may love it on your right hand if you’re right-handed and vice versa. So, it is your style quotient as bracelets look good with watches also. You can wear a bracelet on the left and an eye on the right hand.

A man’s bracelet should have one or two fingers between the bracelet and wrist. Also, just like a watch, it must go under your sleeve. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.

Yes, minimalist bracelets with watches look fantastic. You can mix and match stainless steel, leather or bold bracelets with a watch. The pair looks great and adds character to your outfit.

A bracelet shouldn’t be too loose that it slips to your forearm nor too tight that it feels comfortable. You should be able to slide one or two fingers between your wrists and the bracelet.

Bracelets have become a new style quotient for men as they look classic, bold and yet very elegant. They are available in all materials, shapes, thicknesses, and designs. They complete the outfits and look very trendy.

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