Top 7 accessories for a stylish man

Fashion accessories bring a final touch of elegance to any look. They allow to put forward the uniqueness of the man. If in the past fashion accessories were reserved for a small group of men, today they are very popular and appreciated by men of various ages and social backgrounds. What are those 7 little extras that can make a difference to your outfit?

Watch, necklace, ring, bracelet, wallet, suit pocket, sock: for a stylish look, these accessories are essential. They complete the outfit and help to get out of the standard. But to pull off the look, you need to know how to combine them. 

Accessories for men and their importance

Accessory #1: Watch

Accessory #2: Necklace

Accessory #3: Ring

Accessory #4: Bracelet

Accessory #5: suit pocket

Accessory #6: Wallet

Accessory #7: Sock 

Men’s accessories and their importance

Men’s accessories can have multiple functions. For example, the belt or cufflinks are basically used to hold clothes. This is also the case of the wallet. This accessory is used to store bills, cards and change in one place. There are also jewelry accessories (necklace, ring, bracelet etc). Some accessories are both functional and decorative (this is the case of the watch or the scarf). But over time, fashion designers assign this dual role to any accessory. 

The palette of male accessories is as rich as that of women. For the body there are ties, belts, cufflinks, bow ties, gloves, suit pockets, brooches, bracelets, rings, necklaces, watches. For the head, we can mention berets, caps, sunglasses, earrings, scarves. 

Accessories for men: how to choose? 

Respect your dress code! Know that if the accessory for men is not expensive, it does not necessarily mean that it is of poor quality! However, if you want to use your accessories on the long term, you must choose noble materials that are expensive. 

If you like the classic or “businessman” style, don’t hesitate to complete your look with a tie. If it’s a special occasion, go for a bow tie. If you want to attract attention, create a lively and stylish look, choose fancy socks that are very trendy in recent years. 

To enhance an outfit, you don’t have to dress up. Attention! It is important not to overload your look. 

1 Watch 

Certainly, the watch is the most popular accessory for any man. When choosing this accessory, you need to take into account three factors: size, material, design. It should be proportional to your wrist. It should be noted that tiny watches feminize the wrist. Therefore, they are not recommended. Also, avoid watches that are too big, which are nowadays seen everywhere. The golden rule to follow: the watch should remain discreet and should never jump out at others.

Match the color of your watch strap with your shoes and belt! Try to have a luxury watch or a classic watch for special occasions and a sports watch that will accompany you in your daily life and that will adapt to several looks.

2 Necklace

This is a timeless male accessory. It completes a look, reminds you of an important event in your life or becomes a good luck charm. But the necklace also remains a jewel a little more complicated to wear! It can be very personal, especially when it comes to models with pendants. There are several types of necklaces for men. We distinguish: chain, pendant / plate necklace, pearl necklace, leather necklace. Here is our little guide to wearing necklaces for the more curious: 

3 Ring

Since ancient times men have worn rings. Noble and symbolic, this jewel was reserved for the upper classes. Today, it is a very trendy accessory in both women’s and men’s fashion. Student, businessman, artists: it corresponds to men of all social status. The main types of rings are wedding rings, signet rings, thumb rings and pinky rings. To know everything about the wearing of this trendy accessory, you can view our article on this subject. 

4 Bracelet

In recent years the bracelet has become a male jewel in its own right as well as the watch. We can say that it has become almost unavoidable in men’s fashion. This simple jewel changes everything! It brings character and style to any outfit. There are several types and styles of this accessory: chain, pearl bracelet, cuff, pendant bracelet, ring. Here is our guide to help you choose the best bracelet for your outfit:

5 Suit clutch 

This is an essential accessory in the male wardrobe. This small element draws attention to the look and enhances the overall look. But choosing a suit pocket is not an easy task. There are still some basic rules to follow. Don’t match your clutch with your bow tie or tie. Otherwise you risk looking like a janitor or a waiter! If you have a simple outfit, you can afford to be free and creative in your choice of clutch. To make your life easier, we’ve got this complete guide to wearing a suit clutch. 

6 Wallet

Even if the wallet is not shown and is always kept at the bottom of the pocket or in the bag, it is still considered a fashion accessory. When it comes to this accessory, there are not too many standards or trends to follow. The main criterion is its practicality. Most men prefer leather wallets, because leather is always elegant. It is the only material that gets more beautiful with time. 

Moreover, in recent years on the market of accessories for men there is an absolute bestseller. These are the wallets equipped with an anti-hacking system, which means that the personal data of the wearer is secure. This is thanks to the RFID blocking technology that protects the credit card from fraud. Discover some models of this type of wallets here : 

7 Sock 

Indispensable in everyday life, socks can also show your style. But for that, you have to respect some rules.

To keep your calves from showing in public, you need to wear knee-high socks. If you want to roll up or emphasize your pants, you should not wear socks leaving your ankle bare. You should avoid light-colored socks if your suit is gray or dark. Instead, stay in the same tones as your outfit! Black or dark socks are classic solutions and avoid any fashion mistakes. However, you will never stand out with them.

As for fancy socks, they are a bit temperamental and are more for those who already have some fashion knowledge!

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