How to Wear Cufflinks: Types, Uses and Benefits of Men’s Cufflinks 

Cufflinks are a stylish accessory worn by men to complete their formal attire. They come in various styles, materials, and colors and can be used to add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

It’s hard to imagine a chic and elegant men’s outfit without cufflinks. This little detail adds a neat and classy touch. Discover our complete guide to learn how to wear cufflinks, how to use cufflinks, types of cufflinks and find the right pair of cufflinks for your personality!

What are Cufflinks?

The cufflink is an extremely practical accessory. The purpose of cufflinks is to attach and tighten the cuffs to the shirt cuff. It appeared in the 17th century and replaced ribbons or lace used to close the cuffs.

If, at that time, this accessory was reserved for those nostalgic for old school dress codes, nowadays, all generations are tempted by this fashion element during important events and ceremonies. 

Cufflinks Types: Most Common Types of Cufflinks for Men

Cufflinks are a great way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any look. When it comes to cufflinks, there are two main options – cufflinks with buttons and cufflinks that simply clip onto the end of your cuff.

You can find models of cufflinks in different shapes and styles on the market. Check out our collection of cufflinks and choose the one you like the most!

Depending on the fastening system, there are seven main buttons:

Fishtail Cufflinks

They got their name because of their closure system, which looks like a fishtail. This category is very popular because it is trendy, practical, and economical at the same time. The only drawback is that fishtail cufflinks can be fragile over time, as turning and moving the mechanism very often can damage it. As for the port, it is not complicated. Turn the knob so that it is parallel to the rod, then turn the knob back to its original position!

Pistol cufflinks

The pistol cufflink is so-called because of its closing mechanism in the shape of a pistol bullet. They are widespread, stylish, practical, and economical. If the accessory is of poor quality, frequent manipulation of the closure system may weaken it.

Pistol cufflinks are very easy to use. Just place the cufflink and make sure that the rod is parallel to the button. Pass the accessory through the openings of the cuff and turn the button to lock them and put them in place!

Stud Cufflink

These are cufflinks that look like nails. They are discreet and classic models. The most significant advantage of nail cufflinks is their resistance. This is thanks to the fixed and irremovable elements of these cufflinks. The other benefit is the presence of patterns on both sides. These models are also very easy to match. They bring a chic and classy touch in all circumstances. The only downside is that the studs are difficult to set, unlike fishtail and gun cufflinks. You have to put a nail cuff link in place so that it is at a 90-degree angle to the openings of the cuff, and then put them on and straighten them.

Ball cufflinks

This model resembles the nail cufflink but is in a rounded shape. Its lower part has a larger ball attached to the decorative face by a chain or rod. The advantages of these models are the classic design and the resistance, thanks to all the fixed parts. 

The disadvantage is that it is not always easy to set them up like other models. Place your ball cufflinks so that the smallest part is pushed through the openings in the cuff. And finally, you have to straighten it all out.

Chain Link Cufflink

These models do not have a closing mechanism. A small chain connects the two sides of the button. In most cases, they are decorated similarly. Chain cufflinks are considered very traditional designs. They were very common in men’s outfits during the Industrial Revolution.

To put on a chain cufflink, insert one of the two sides of the button into the hole in the cuff of your shirt without forcing it, then straighten the whole thing.

Silk Cufflinks

Opt for the silk model if you are looking for an original pair of cufflinks. Composed of two silk buttons connected by a cord, this model gives any outfit a relaxed and dynamic touch. It is a very original gift idea. You can find them in different colors and patterns on the market.

This type of cufflink is not recommended for the office or more formal events. Silk cufflinks are fragile and not suitable for a classic suit look.

Locking dual-action cufflinks

Inspired by the closing mechanism of watches, cufflinks with double-action fastening are considered the most innovative. The advantages of this model are its modern design and secure closure. The other benefit of this model is that its two sides are similar. Stylistically it is very good because both sides of the cuffs will be highlighted. These models are very modern and will not necessarily suit the most classic outfits.

Cufflinks with double-action fastening are very easy to wear. You just have to master the technique. When flat, you have to insert the button into the openings and then deploy it to secure it.

What is the Best Material for Cufflinks? 

Cufflinks are available in different materials. The most common materials used in their manufacture are

  • Stainless steel – is known for strength and durability. It can be easily combined with other accessories. It can be easily combined with other accessories.
  • Metal Alloy – a mixture of different metals. Metal alloy cufflinks have a gold finish. If you are on a budget, metal alloy cufflinks are a great way to add a finishing touch to your stylish look.
  • Silver and gold – are the most popular and the most expensive materials. To keep your silver or gold cufflinks looking their best, clean them regularly with a soft cloth before storing them.
  • Wood – is characterized by its warm and natural tone. Wooden cufflinks are ideal for personalizing your look stylishly. Modern and elegant, wood adds an original touch and allows you to create nice color contrasts. 

What are Cufflinks Used for?

Cufflinks are a small fashion accessory used to join the two pieces of fabric of a long-sleeved shirt, known as a “musketeer cuff”. A pair of cufflinks is also an excellent way to express your originality and style, especially when combined with your jewelry (watch, rings, or bracelets) or your tie. 

But that’s not all! Symbolic and versatile, this accessory is perfect for showing your interests and passions. You should opt for thematic models such as sports, art, travel, games, car, rock, rugby, football, etc.

How to Put on Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a great way to add a touch of class to your outfit. Whether you’re wearing a suit or a dress shirt, cufflinks can make a difference. But how do you put them on?

If you prefer cufflinks with buttons, the first step is to button up your shirt cuff. Next, you will need to carefully insert the cufflink posts into the buttonholes, ensuring they are correctly aligned. Finally, secure the cufflinks by closing them shut using the cufflink post closures.

For cufflinks that simply clip onto your cuff, the first step is to unfasten one of the cuff buttons. Then, you will need to open up the cufflink closure and gently slide it onto your cuff. Once the cufflink is in place, simply close the cufflink closure until it clicks into place.

Whether you opt for cufflinks with buttons or cufflinks that clip on, take care when putting them on, as it can be easy to damage your shirt cuff or cufflinks if you are not careful. However, cufflinks can be a stylish and timeless addition to any outfit with the proper care and attention.

When to Wear Cufflinks

You are wrong if you think cufflinks are reserved for a certain elite. Over the years, this accessory has been democratized among men of different generations and styles. Don’t look for a special occasion to decorate your wrists with this elegant fashion accessory. 

Wear Cufflinks at Work

Of course, it depends on your position, but as a general rule, cufflinks are always a good look in the office. Whether you work in sales, communications, or a start-up, this accessory always makes an impression. The only thing is that it has to be adapted to the job in question. For example, if you are in the events business or a creative position, a pair of original and creative cufflinks would be ideal for making you stand out.

Wear Cufflinks at Formal Events

Cufflinks are an essential accessory when it comes to a formal event. Wedding ceremony, party, reception, concert, gala: a pair of cufflinks can accompany your best suit in an elegant and refined way. Choose your pair according to the color and style of your suit, your tie, your bow tie, or the ceremony’s theme. If you are wearing a dinner jacket, your accessory should be classic. 

Cufflinks are Perfect for Casual Events and Everyday Wear

Cufflinks are an excellent accessory for starting conversations. Whether it’s a meeting place, social gathering, or another occasion, a pair of cufflinks allows you to show your originality and, why not, tell your story. You can opt for fancy designs depending on your passion, for example, a pair of skull cufflinks if you are a biker or if you have a rock style.

Wear Cufflinks to Send a Message

There are also representative cufflinks, i.e. models with logos of an organization, group, team, or company to which the wearer belongs. A pair of cufflinks can also be used to highlight an idea or indicate membership in a club or organization.

You can personalize your accessory with a symbol, a message, or a number. The most trendy models are those with a letter engraving. 

How do you Match your Cufflinks: DO’s and DON’Ts

It depends on the image you want to give to the people around you. If discreet, you can opt for models (black, silver, gray, or beige). If, on the contrary, you like to stand out, dare to be adventurous and colorful, but be careful! Respect the golden rule! 

  • The color of your cufflinks must be in harmony with the other accessories you wear. If you wear a brown tie, use a stylish pair of brown cufflinks!
  • It is crucial to combine materials. If you wear a silver ring, bracelet, watch, necklace, or tie clip, you should also choose cufflinks in the same color.
  • The more courageous can play with colors and contrasts to make a style statement. You can combine a midnight blue suit with a pretty pair of cufflinks in pastel yellow or pink. Alternating dark and light tones are also widely recommended. For example, you can wear a light blue shirt with midnight blue cufflinks or pair your navy blue suit with sky blue cufflinks. 
  • Fashion loves the adventurous, but remember that cufflinks are generally a big accessory, so you have to be careful about matching items and styles. Also, remember not to wear them with a short-sleeved jacket, or your look will look ridiculous. 

How to Care for Cufflinks

To ensure that your cufflinks last for a long time, you should clean them regularly. You don’t have to go to a professional or a jeweler for this. Water, soap, or a few drops of washing-up liquid, a toothbrush with soft bristles, cotton wool to dry them, and a cloth to give your cufflinks a shine: are all you need to clean your metal accessory. 

But be careful! This does not apply to your wooden or leather cufflinks, which should never get wet. 

It is also important to separate each pair of cufflinks not to get scratched by contact with other pairs or other jewelry. Do not leave your cufflinks in damp places or plastic bags!

FAQ: Everything you should Know about Men’s Cufflinks

Cufflinks have traditionally been considered a staple accessory for men, but there has recently been some debate about whether cufflinks are only for men. While many argue that cufflinks should continue to be seen as a primarily masculine accessory, others believe that they can also be enjoyed by women and should thus be considered gender-neutral. 

Some point out that cufflinks have become increasingly popular among female celebrities and fashion bloggers, who often wear cufflinks as part of their style. Others argue that cufflinks simply offer a unique way for women to accessorize, much like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Overall, cufflinks are a versatile accessory that can add sophistication and style to any man’s wardrobe. Cufflinks are the perfect choice whether you’re wearing them to a formal event or simply want to add some polish to your everyday look.

There are many different styles and types of cufflinks, each with its unique characteristics and purposes. Some cufflinks are designed to be worn with french cuff shirts, while others can be attached directly to the shirt cuff via a small loop. Additionally, cufflinks can be made from various materials, such as metal, enamel, crystal, or even leather.

Cufflinks are a fastener used to secure the cuff of a shirt or blouse. They consist of two small discs, typically made of metal, with a connecting chain or bar. The discs are attached to the fabric at either end of the cuff, and the chain or bar goes through a hole in each disc. Cufflinks can be opened and closed by pressing the disc on either side of the cuff, allowing for quick and easy adjustment.

Cufflink shirts are a popular style choice for many men, as cufflinks can add an elegant and sophisticated touch to any outfit. While there may be some differences in the types of cufflinks available, most cufflink shirts will feature well-made buttons or studs that securely hold the shirt’s cuffs in place.

Cufflinks are a popular accessory worn with dress shirts and suits, designed to hold buttons in place and add a touch of style. They work by attaching to the cuff buttons on the shirt cuff, typically using prongs or clasps that securely connect to the buttonholes.

First, start by threading the cufflink through the hole in your cuff. Next, take the other end of the cufflink and twist it around the first end. Once you have turned the cufflink around, insert the second end into the small hole at the top of the cufflink. Finally, twist the cufflink until it is securely fastened, and you are ready to go!

Yes, cufflinks can be worn with any shirt, but they are typically worn with dress shirts. If you’re wearing a cufflink with a dress shirt, make sure that the cufflink is the same color as the shirt.

Cufflinks are often considered a more formal accessory, but can you wear them with a watch? The answer is yes! While cufflinks may not be traditional, they can add a touch of style and personality to your outfit. Just make sure that the cufflinks you choose complement your watch. If you’re unsure, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and go with a more simple design.

Despite the rise of modern jewelry and accessories like bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, cufflinks remain a popular choice for men looking to add a touch of sophistication to their wardrobe. And while cufflinks may seem like a dated accessory at first glance, they have experienced a resurgence in recent years as more and more men are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd.

Cufflinks are most commonly associated with formal wear and are typically seen as a sophisticated accessory. They are often given as a gift to mark special occasions, such as anniversaries, graduations, or promotions. Cufflinks can also signify meaningful relationships, such as between a father and son or employer and employee. Cufflinks are usually made from metals such as silver, gold, or platinum, and they may be adorned with precious stones, initials, or other personal details.

The cufflink consists of three main parts: the body, the toggle, and the back. 

  • The body is the visible part of the cufflink that goes through the cuff. 
  • The toggle is the part that secures the cufflink in place.
  • The back is the piece that holds everything together.

One of the most iconic aspects of James Bond’s style is his cufflinks. While the cufflinks he wears vary depending on the situation, Bond almost always sports a pair of cufflinks that make a statement. 

Some of the unique cufflinks worn by James Bond include a pair of gold dragon cufflinks in “GoldenEye,” a pair of Union Jack cufflinks in “Die Another Day,” and a pair of diamond cufflinks in “Casino Royale.” While Bond’s cufflink choices may vary, one thing is for sure – his cufflinks always make a statement.

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