15 tips for choosing your tattoo artist and your first tattoo

Have you decided to get a tattoo? Then you should know that choosing the right tattoo artist is as important as choosing the tattoo itself. We have prepared this article to help you in your search for your tattoo artist and, of course, the design of a lifetime.

When a person decides to get a tattoo, the most important question is: which tattoo artist to trust? Since the design will remain on the body for a lifetime, it is necessary to find an experienced and competent master who will not only do the job perfectly, but also, if necessary, help to choose “the symbol of your life”.

A tattoo is more than an image on the body. It has a deep meaning and a special significance. Sometimes a tattoo can radically change a person’s life. In any case, designs on the skin help to emphasize the non-standard nature and simply adorn the human body. There are also many cases where tattooing is a “solution”. These are the scars on the body. A well-done tattoo can hide a flaw, helping a person to feel relaxed and not ashamed of their body.

Here are our 15 tips for a successful tattoo! 

Tip 1

Every person needs a different approach. Therefore, when choosing a tattoo artist, you need to make sure that it is someone for whom nothing is impossible. Dream and imagine, and your tattoo artist should not limit you in your choice, but rather help you to find the most correct solution, as well as the way you can express your feelings and emotions in a tattooed image.

Tip 2

A tattoo is a bold and deliberate desire, so it is quite normal to have doubts about everything before applying it. The right tattoo artist should give you full attention, so don’t get the tattoo right away.

Have several consultations with different tattoo artists who will answer all your questions and discuss all the details, and then draw a sketch based on what you say. After you have sketched your future tattoo by different tattoo artists, you can compare them and it will be easier to choose your tattoo artist.

Tip 3

Choose someone who is closest to you in spirit, whose charisma appeals to you and whose work you like the most. It is very important that you make contact with each other, as together you must go through the entire artistic process: from the preparatory sketch to the creation of a work of art on your body. Each tattooist, like every person, is individual, has his own style, his own way, his own approach. You must gain the trust of your master, and he will in turn provide you with quality work.

Tip 4

Remember that a good tattooist will never criticise your ideas or comment on your artistic values. If he doesn’t like your ideas, he may suggest the best way to modify the sketch or suggest something of his own, and also help you choose the right place for the tattoo.

Tips 5

Personal sympathy for the master is of great importance, but this does not mean that he is a professional. To recognise a professional, look at the reviews of his tattoos, find out more about his specialisation and find out in which genres and styles he works.

Tip 6

Study the tattoo artist’s portfolio carefully. If he or she does not have a portfolio, or if he or she does, but does not inspire confidence, it is best to refuse the services of this master. If the portfolio has not been reconstructed for a long time, it is logical to think seriously and at least wait for new work, which will show the current level. When studying the tattoo artist’s drawings and previous work, pay attention to the accuracy of colour reproduction (brightness and colour combination), the ability to use shadows and penumbra, the ability to maintain proportions and visual volume.

Tip 7

If the chosen tattooist works in all possible styles at an extremely low price, the work is photographed in a radically different light, on a different background and does not match the palette – the tattooist may be putting other people’s work in the portfolio.

Tip 8

The most important indicator of work is a high quality application. The master creates a unique image with one hundred percent detail and minimal trauma. The tattoo artist must be a true artist, able to copy the design correctly on the human body. You can evaluate the work of a specialist by looking at the tattoos he has done.

Tip 9 

The cost of a good tattoo cannot be low. As well as consumables, the tattooist also spends money on renting a place to work, amortizing equipment, utilities, advertising and his own development. If you like the work of a master, but the price at the moment is too high, it is better to wait and save the required amount and order the work from a good specialist.

Tip 10 

When communicating with the tattooist, be sure to specify the means of sterilisation, disinfection and barrier protection he uses. Sterility is of the utmost importance, so you must be sure that the master can provide it. The professional tattooist not only applies sterile products, but also uses disposable gloves, needles and paint trays.

Tip 11

You can look at images in forums or in theme groups, on google or Instagram. But you shouldn’t copy and paste someone else’s version of the tattoo completely. Even if you don’t know how to draw, you can create a unique tattoo and put a lot of creative energy into it when you draw with an artist friend or a tattoo artist.

Tip 12

First choose your style and format for your tattoo: patterns, hieroglyphics, small ornaments, a quote, a picture or a simple graphic element. Even an ordinary rose can be drawn in different ways, for example, to make a detailed brilliant drawing or a delicate watercolour, with almost no outline.

Tip 13

Match the area of the body to the size of the tattoo. The most common places for tattoos are the back, chest, abdomen, arms and legs. To choose a location for tattoos, you need to clearly define the image. 

Tip 14 

Your friends can be excellent advisors. If they have had a good experience, they will probably recommend their master to you, if not, we are sure they will warn you and not allow you to repeat the same mistake. Be curious – if you see someone with a great tattoo that you like, don’t be afraid to ask where they got it. This will not only give you new ideas for your tattoo, but also your future tattoo artist.

Tip 15

The first tattoo is a crucial step. Maybe the design you select will become your only one, or maybe it won’t. In any case, before applying the first tattoo, it is important not only to answer your questions about the type of image and the location on your body, but also to resolve a number of other issues related to the choice of a tattoo artist. Don’t let your emotions and desire for a quicker tattoo guide you, listen to reviews and recommendations, check your qualifications and then hand over your body to a professional!

A good tattooist will give all the recommendations for the first time so that the design keeps its colours and brilliance, without any deformation or loss.

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