How to Clean a Tie: Tips and Tricks 

Ties are the best accessories in men’s outfits, enhancing any attire. Well, if you wear a tie daily or on formal occasions, proper cleaning and storage will increase its life. Also, it will make them look like they were on day one. So, here are some tried and tested answers for how to clean a tie. Let’s have a look!

How to Clean a Tie: Tips for each Material

Wear and tear may make your tie dirty. So, the question is how to wash a tie. Well, it all depends on the various fabrics of the tie. So, let’s have a look:


Silk is a luxury fabric that is natural and very costly. The formation of silk can explain to you why it’s so crucial to maintain it cautiously. So, the answer to how to clean a silk tie is here. You can visit a dry cleaner and ask him to clean it gently without using hard chemicals. In case your silk tie gets wet, hang it in natural light. Then, to get rid of any wrinkles, use a steam iron. A machine wash, water cleaning, detergents, iron, and drying agents are a big NO!


For cleaning wool ties, always dry-clean them. Avoid using iron, warm water, detergents, dryer, etc. Naturally, air dry it and go for gentle steam iron in case of wrinkles. Also, don’t bleach; never let it dry in direct sunlight, and keep proper care of its storage.


Linen is a modern fabric that is very flexible and easy to clean. You can hand wash linen ties with normal or lukewarm water. Always use gentle detergents and squeeze them between the towels. Then, let it air dry naturally and iron it at home with a steam iron.


You can hand wash it with normal or lukewarm water for cleaning classic cotton ties. Always use mild cleaners and soak extra water between towels. It’s advisable to steam iron the cotton tie when it’s wet. Generally, stylish bow ties look great in cotton and can be maintained easily.


You can gently wash it with normal water with mild detergent for a seersucker tie. Then let it air dry and steam iron it gently. Never bleach or use a dryer on it.


For washing a knitted tie, you can gently clean it with normal water with a mild washing powder. Avoid ironing, and don’t hang it on air-drying wires. It will stretch it out. Instead, gently squeeze it and give it good support while naturally drying.


To clean microfiber, use warm water and detergent. Steam ironing is best as it avoids direct contact and ensures gentle ironing. Always squeeze the excess water with the help of fresh towels. 


With a beautiful polyester tie, you can practice flexible cleaning techniques. You can clean it by hand or in a washing machine in warm and cold water. Squeeze extra water in between towels and let it air dry. Always steam iron it at the lowest heat.

Faux Leather

You can’t wash your leather tie, so now the question is how to clean a tie stain? With leather, you must be extra cautious as you must clean it gently with baby wipes with no hard chemicals. Also, don’t use water because leather absorbs the water. Instead, let it dry naturally in the air. In addition, avoid ironing, bleaching, machine drying, or any other treatment.

How to Iron and Store Ties

Before ironing your ties, read the label for ironing precautions. Generally, you should only steam iron the tie at very low intensity. You can try it at home or take expert advice from the dry cleaners. Steam iron avoids direct contact and gently removes all the creases and wrinkles. 

Just like you take off your accessories like attractive rings and store them safely, you must do the same with ties. First, a tie should be undone after wearing it. Then, store the item on a hanger and ensure it does not come into contact with other items. 

These hangers are made of a material that prevents the garment from slipping off the bars. This keeps the item in good condition longer than storing it on a shelf. In addition, you can roll up the accessory if you do not have a special hanger. This prevents the tie from wrinkling and keeps it attractive for longer. Or, you can opt for tie boxes in which you can perfectly roll and place the relationship.

FAQ: Everything you should Know about Taking Care of your Ties

You should only put ties in the washing machine if it’s mentioned on the label. This is because materials like polyester, microfiber, etc., can withstand washing machine cleaning. But for some fabrics like silk and leather, it’s absolutely no.

If you’re wearing ties regularly, you can wash them after seven to fifteen days, depending on how many times you wear them. If you wear them occasionally, only wash them when they look dirty or stained. Always follow the necessary washing procedure for a particular fabric.

Always roll your ties starting from the small end first. Then keep it in a ziplock bag or any case. If you can’t afford a tiny bit of wrinkle, buy a travel tie case or a nylon accessories case.

It would be best if you did not wash silk ties; instead, gently dry and clean them. Go to expert dry cleaners and ask them for a gentle clean. Always air dry them and never use bleach, detergents, iron, or machine drying.

Sometimes ordinary soap rubbed with a clean wet cloth can remove the stain. You can use cotton balls dipped in ammonia to get rid of hard stains. Always take the advice of expert dry cleaners before removing very hard stains.

Use mild detergent and hand wash it in cold water. So far, this is the best method to clean the tie without ruining it. Always let it air dry and squeeze extra water in between fresh towels. Then, you can steam iron it at a very low setting.

To clean polyester tie, use normal water and detergent. Then, squeeze extra water in between clean towels. Finally, air dry it and gently steam iron it.

It solely depends on the place and the amount of work they’ve to do. But the range is between $2.49 – $6.50.

To spot clean ties, dip and wash them in cold water. Next, gently rub it with your hands and let it sit. Then rinse it and dry it between fresh towels. Now, let it air dry naturally under indirect light. Finally, you can gently steam iron it for a brand new look.

Dip tie in normal water and add a mild detergent. Now, gently rub it with a hand or brush with very soft bristles. Rinse it thoroughly and let it air dry with good support, so it doesn’t stretch. Then, finally, steam iron it and place it in a hangar or tie box in your closet.


Now, you know how to clean your precious ties, their storage, and much more, so every fabric requires extra care. Also, always wash your tires when it’s most necessary. Finally, you know how to clean a tie, so check out your collections and find out which ones demand some happy cleaning!

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