How to choose quality winter shoes for men

How to choose quality winter shoes for men

It is not easy to find quality winter footwear that will stand up to the bitter cold and still look good and stylish. However, there are a few rules to keep in mind when choosing men’s winter shoes, depending on fashion, style and weather requirements.

Material of construction

The first tip for choosing winter boots for men is obvious. Shoes should be made from natural materials such as leather or nubuck. Cheap leatherette models are good from an animal welfare point of view, but they won’t keep you warm in winter and they disintegrate very quickly. And for those who are against the use of real leather and fur in clothing and footwear, designers and fashion brands offer quality alternatives to thermal materials.

Which insoles to choose?

Good winter boots for men have soft soles made of felt, fleece, sheep’s wool, etc. There are also special thermal insoles that you can buy separately from your shoes if the warmth of the insoles is not sufficient. In addition, you can now find battery-operated heating insoles.

Which outsoles to choose?

The third tip for choosing men’s winter boots is of course the outsole. To prevent the boot from slipping, the sole should be made of rubber with a tread (sculpted pattern) or, in other words, grooves with enough hollows. And to protect your feet from the cold and keep the inside of the shoe warm, the sole should be thick.

Inner lining

Good quality winter shoes are warm not only because of the insole and the outer material, but also because of the fur inside. It should not be too thick, but it should be warm at the same time. It does not have to be real fur. A good synthetic fur is also sufficient.

Method of assembly

When choosing a winter shoe, pay attention to how the upper and sole are connected. This affects durability, waterproofing and heat retention. It’s best if the shoes are sewn together, not glued or nailed together.

Goodyear welding.

Men’s winter boots with Goodyear Welted technology are very reliable. This is a classic British sole technology, where the top and bottom of the boot are connected by a leather edge (welt). This is both a construction and a decorative element, wrapping the shoe around the edge of the sole.


The minimum height of men’s winter shoes should reach the ankles. This keeps your feet warm and prevents snow from entering your boots.

Size matters.

Size is not the least important factor when choosing winter boots. They should be slightly larger than the ones you normally wear in summer, because on the wettest days you have to wear thick, woollen socks. So when you buy men’s winter boots, try them with these thicker socks. Buy at least two pairs of shoes of different models for winter: one for formal occasions (office, formal events, business meetings), the second – for walks, shopping, etc. Also, alternating your men’s winter shoes will prolong their life.


Men’s winter boots require special care. At least if you want to keep them in good condition and make them last a whole season. This means using special products (creams, impregnations, etc.), cleaning, drying properly.

What are the coolest winter boots for men?

The choice of winter boots is not only a question of quality. It is also a question of fashion. We divide men’s winter boots stylistically into classic and casual models.

The current classic models this winter: 

1 Derby boots – classic and elegant winter leather boots for men. The boots have a round toe and an open lace-up closure. The derby is a side piece with buckles sewn into the top of the tongue. Modern derbies are distinguished by a long silhouette and a variety of colours: you can find not only black and brown, but also navy, grey etc.

2 Chelsea boots – These are winter boots made of leather with a zip and characteristic elastic inserts on the sides, with a rounded and slightly tapered toe. Winter boots with an ankle height that reaches down to the ankles. Traditionally, Chelsea boots are made of smooth leather, but nowadays you can also see pairs in suede.

3 Trekking shoes – These are hiking shoes that can be used successfully as everyday footwear in the most difficult weather conditions. Winter trekking shoes are durable, comfortable on all pavements, waterproof and keep you warm. So you can safely wear them in bad weather for shopping, walking with your friends or dogs, and even in the office, if your boss is not too keen on a strict professional dress code.

4 Winter sneakers- These are not only shoes for cold weather sports, but are also perfect for a variety of casual outings, especially since they can be combined with jeans.

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