How to choose a wedding ring for men

When choosing a wedding ring, it is important to know exactly what you are looking for. You will be wearing this accessory for years to come, so it is important that the ring you choose not only fits your lifestyle and matches your personality, but is also very comfortable to wear․

How to know the size of a wedding ring for men

The most important question when choosing a wedding ring for men is the right size. Particular difficulties arise when buying a ring for a man with thin, gnarled fingers or, on the contrary, with wide, slightly swollen fingers. Due to circumstances such as constant physical work and work requiring active fine motor skills, men’s fingers become thicker at the joints or fingertips. This is why many men feel uncomfortable wearing a ring.

To determine the ring size, you must first determine the size of the circumference. To do this, take a 5 mm wide strip of paper, wrap it around the ring finger of the right hand and align the end of the strip with the contact point. Then try to move the strap back and forth. The strap should not be loose at the base of the phalanx. A tight fit is necessary. Once the band is removed from your finger, measure its length from the tip to the point where the edge touches the main surface. 

Shapes of men’s wedding rings

In today’s jewellery world there are hardly any designs that can be described as exclusively male. Jewellers offer both feminine and universal designs. Among these you can find models for men. 

How is a man’s wedding ring different from a woman’s? 

  • in width;
  • with a smaller number of decorative elements;
  • with a smaller number of stones.

 There are several forms of men’s wedding rings. 

2.1 The classic wedding ring – This is a half-ring. It is slightly curved on top and flat on the finger side. The main advantages of this ring are comfort and durability. This ring is discreet and can be easily adapted to any outfit. 

Among the classic models you can find models with a satin finish – a type of matting that removes the shine from the metal. As practice shows, this type of wedding ring is very popular and appreciated by many men around the world. The classic is suitable for everyone.

2.2 A band type wedding ring – This is an excellent alternative. It is a flat ring. It is a more modern choice. This model is for men who like to emphasize their style and personality. The owner of this ring should not be afraid of attention, as it is a rather visible and sometimes imposing accessory. 

2.3 A square wedding ring – This is the favourite of most men because its angular shape seems more suited to the male nature than the smooth roundness of a classic ring. According to psychologists, the square shape itself is associated with masculine traits: firmness, tenacity, practicality, charisma and leadership. A square wedding ring is an ideal choice for people with an analytical way of thinking and those who are guided by rationality.

Are square rings comfortable?

A square wedding ring is elegant, but is it comfortable? That depends on the design. Sometimes, in their quest for originality, designers forget about the comfort of the jewellery, whereas in the case of a wedding ring, it is the comfort that is paramount, as men often complain of being uncomfortable wearing even an ordinary engagement ring. Therefore, it is best to reject models with sharp angles. Important: the inside of the ring should be round. It is strange, but there are also rings that are square on the inside.

If you are not used to wearing jewellery on your hands, this can indeed cause discomfort. In this case, think ten times before buying an engagement ring with a square shape without a thorough fitting. If you like an angular design but have problems with finger sensitivity, it is best to opt for round designs with square elements. It is also important to choose a comfortable fit. Comfort fit” models are said to be the only rings that men are willing to wear due to the rounded interior of the band which offers unprecedented comfort. 

2.4 A wedding ring for men with decoration

Men who appreciate style and elegance can consider gold wedding rings with a decorative finish. Sleek designs are always on trend. 

If you’re not a fan of the decorative finish, you can opt for a vintage style that is both original and discreet.

2.5 A wide wedding ring for men

Wide rings are a trend in their own right and have been around since 2020. These models are perfect for men and give them a masculine look. 

2.6 A men’s wedding ring with stone

The fashion for men’s rings with stones is back! So if you don’t want to choose classic designs, a wedding ring with stones will be a unique and original choice.

The main mistakes when choosing a men’s wedding ring. 

The most common mistakes made when choosing a wedding ring for men are the following:

 – Buying a ring without asking your future husband’s opinion. In the end, a man will be faced with a situation where he has to wear a piece of jewellery every day that does not evoke any positive emotions. 

 – If your ring is not the perfect size and does not fit perfectly on your hand, or if you feel that the ring is too tight or slipping, be prepared to lose your ring easily. Therefore, it is best to choose a ring that can be slightly smaller or larger and contact a jeweller if necessary. 

– For a man’s wedding ring, look for a ring that is too simple and practical. After all, this ring is not only a symbol of marriage, but also a beautiful piece of jewellery that can underline the style and taste of modern men, demonstrate their status and personality.

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