Men’s Wallets 101: How To Choose The Right Type Of Wallet

A wallet remains every man’s indispensable companion. It is always either in his trouser pocket or in his jacket pocket. It is more than just an accessory. The origin of the word Wallet can be traced back from the ancient Greek word Kibisis which was the word used to describe the sack carried by the God Hermes.

The wallet is an essential part of a man’s look, a necessary part of his personality. But choosing a wallet is a complicated task. Here are a few tips to help you quickly find the wallet that suits you best. 

How to Choose the Shape of a Men’s Wallet? 

In general, men’s wallets fall into six main categories. Let’s explore each type.

Foldable wallet

There are two folding wallets for men: double fold and triple fold. The double fold has several compartments on the inner sides. The tri-fold wallet has two outer flaps on a central flap. Inside, there are 2 to 5 flaps.

Billfold wallet 

This model is used to carry banknotes and credit cards. Some models also have another window for easy access to your ID cards. Wallets with two flaps are convenient. You can also find models with a small zip or snap closure dedicated to coins. The billfold wallet is perfect for those who like to keep it in the back pocket of their trousers.

3-panel wallet

The 3-panel wallet folds into three parts. It is more challenging to fit into a trouser pocket than a bifold wallet. A 3–panel wallet is spacious – essential things, driving license, receipts, identity papers, credit cards: there is room for everything. 

Zip Wallets & Clutches

This wallet is primarily for men who like to stand out and hold their wallets in their hands. Luxury effect! It is both stylish and practical. You can put everything in it, even your keys and your smartphone. However, this model is not only suitable for a specific setting: luxury restaurant, opera, party. It is challenging to wear because it has to be combined with elegant and chic clothes. 

The zipped model lets you keep your coins, a key, and other small things safe. Some models can be closed with a snap button. 

Long Gentleman 

The Long Gentleman model is designed to be carried in the inside pocket of a jacket or coat. It is a slightly more rectangular and longer model. It has several slots for credit cards, notes, ID cards, etc. This type of wallet keeps your notes better, as they can be folded several times. Be careful! Never carry it in your back pocket, as it is relatively long, making it easy for pickpockets to steal your belongings.

The choice of wallet shape is subjective. People who like simplicity and minimalism can opt for plain wallets with few card slots and no dedicated coin pocket. Fans of large wallets can opt for a full-size wallet, capable of holding all their essential belongings, credit cards, photos of the whole family, etc. 

How to Choose the Material of a Men’s Wallet? 

The choice of material for your wallet depends on your budget, how durable you want your wallet to be, and how you will use it.

There are wallets made of plastic, fabric, nylon, natural leather, synthetic leather, and wool. In most cases, cotton and synthetic fabrics are good budget options. However, they wear out very quickly. 

A leather wallet is the classic of all time. The first advantages of this material (especially handmade leather) are its resistance and longevity. In addition, time and use give character to the accessory by making it more stylish. Wallet prices vary depending on the animal from which it is made. Suppose you are used to keeping your wallet in your back pocket or leaving it lying around on tables. In that case, we recommend a sturdy model because, unlike in a bag, where it is relatively well protected, in a pocket, it has to “stand up to the trials of life.”

For those looking for a stylish, durable wallet, there is an alternative: synthetic leather or polyurethane. It has the same feel as leather, without the real animal skinner, but it does not require maintenance.

How to Choose the Color of a Men’s wallet?

Generally, men’s wallets are made in classic, strict, and neutral colors. There are no special rules for this. Plain, patterned, embossed: there is something for everyone on the market, at all prices. The choice depends on your taste, but it is recommended to choose the colors of wealth, earth, and metal: silver, brown, yellow, black, and gold. Avoid watercolors: blue and green.

Is a Wallet a Good Gift Idea for a Man? 

The answer is yes! A wallet remains an aesthetic and practical gift idea. Whether it’s for your father, brother, friend, partner, or colleague, this accessory has everything to please them. 

If you’re looking for an impressive gift and think that a wallet isn’t remarkable, you’re wrong. We invite you to discover RFID wallets. A gift that is both practical and original! 

Check out our collection of Men’s Wallets and pick the perfect one!

What is an RFID Wallet?

It’s a wallet equipped with an anti-hacking system, which means that the owner’s data will always be secure. 

We all know that a hacker can easily take possession of our credit card data nowadays. However, radio waves are relatively easy to block. The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking wallet will help you. It protects credit cards against fraud. Cards stored in such wallets cannot be scanned. So if you use contactless payment with your bank card, this type of wallet is for you! 

What is the Difference Between a Wallet and a Cardholder?

A cardholder is a small pocket for business cards, credit cards, travel cards, loyalty cards, etc. Unlike a wallet, you can’t put your banknotes, coins, or identity papers in it.

The other difference between these two accessories is their size. A wallet is available in several sizes, whereas a cardholder is one size fits all. As for the material, you will find wallets made of different textures, while the cardholder is only made of leather.

What Wallets do Male Celebrities Use?

There are a variety of men’s wallets on the market, and it can be tricky to decide which one is right for you. If you’re looking for some inspiration, take a look at what some of your favorite male celebrities carry.

George Clooney is known for his sophisticated style, so it’s no surprise that he opts for a classic leather wallet. This style is timeless and will always look chic, no matter what the rest of your outfit looks like.

If you’re looking for something more unique, take a cue from actor Jared Leto. He often carries a wallet that has been hand-painted, giving it a one-of-a-kind look that is sure to turn heads.

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