How to Attract Women

Your style of dress, your charm and your approach: these are all things you need to take care of to please women at first sight. To find out more, we suggest you follow our complete guide.  Discover all the secrets and tricks to attract women ! 

How to dress to attract women? 

It’s no secret that our brains make instant judgments based on physical appearances before we even get to know people. Whether it is to please a woman, her personal or professional circle, a neat outfit is very important. 

Often even problems of self-confidence and shyness are linked to the way a man is dressed. Therefore, by taking care of one’s clothing style, one also increases one’s self-confidence. 

Even though fashion evolves and dictates new standards, there are certain rules that never change and that women particularly appreciate in a man.  Here are some tips on how to dress to please women. 

1.1 Show off your good looks!

Wear clothes that show off your body. This means dressing according to your body type. For example, if you are thin and tall, the aim is to give volume to your top and not to exaggerate your thinness. Play with volume! A long overcoat will give you elegance and highlight your waist. Tuck the shirt into the trousers so that your belt is visible. This trick will allow you to break up the length. 

As a general rule, the jacket is an ideal garment for tall, slim people, as it draws attention to the top and gives a nice shoulder shape. For this, a suit pocket is an essential accessory: your seductive asset!

As far as patterns are concerned, go for large patterns and horizontal stripes because they visually widen the bust. And one last tip to visually reduce the length of your legs: cuffs or a hem to your trousers. If you have large feet, avoid pointy shoes! Choose round-headed models!

Avoid wearing clothes that are too big or too tight! 

If you are short and slim, avoid wearing clothes that are too big, such as T-shirts, so as not to reduce the length of your legs. Give preference to solid colours and choose V-necks to show off your face!

We don’t recommend wearing hems as they take away from the length of your legs. To avoid the risks, it’s best to stick to the classic semi-slim. 

If you have an athletic body, you need to add some verticality to your figure. In other words, you should avoid horizontal stripes or very wide checks.  When it comes to jackets, look for fitted jackets. The main thing is that the shoulders fit you well. The rest can be easily changed. We don’t recommend wearing very thin lapel jackets because they make your shoulders look disproportionate.

If you are strong and corpulent, the aim is to accentuate the upper bust and not the belly. Go for a slim fit and high buttoning. Opt for solid colours or dark colours, avoid white and beige ! Avoid T-shirts that are too big or too small. We don’t recommend silk clothing, as it is too fluid and catches a lot of light. The same applies to trousers. Never wear trousers that are too wide or too tight!

1.2 Harmonise the colours!

There are three approaches to harmonising colours. The first approach is to contrast dark and light shades of the same colour, also called contrasting colour layers. For example, you can match a light brown top with a dark brown bottom. This approach is effective and practical, with fewer risks. So, if you’re afraid of faux pas, take the layering approach. 

The second technique is close colour matching. These are colours that are close to each other on the colour wheel, such as blue and purple or green and yellow. These colours are very easy to match.

And the last approach is the balance of easy colours and the variety of textures. You can take the three basic colours of the men’s wardrobe (grey, brown, blue) and play with textures, shades and patterns.

Avoid dressing in the same colour. If you still prefer a top and bottom in the same colour, think about accessories!

To learn more about colour matching, we invite you to read our complete Guide to colour matching clothes. 

1.3 Wear accessories!

A few small, well-chosen accessories are highly recommended. Watches, bracelets, discreet necklaces and a nice belt: these are the male accessories most appreciated by most women. But be careful! Don’t go overboard. 

1.4 Think of a touch of perfume!

Women are very sensitive to perfume. So smelling nice is one of the main ways to get their attention. But that’s not the only reason why you should use perfume. Perfume is a symbol of our personality. 

Most men think that choosing the right perfume is to go for the best sellers, whereas a good perfume is one that best suits their skin type and personality. For example, if you have oily skin (which means your skin produces a lot of sebum), you should opt for fresher, lighter notes. 

If you have dry skin, you should go for intense woody or leathery notes. Here’s a tip to make the fragrance last as long as possible: apply a moisturizer to the area beforehand. 

Is your skin matte? If the answer is yes, then it welcomes the warm, musky, warm notes with subtle, sensual leather fragrances.

And finally, those with very fair skin should turn to oriental and citrus fragrances to give their skin a little tone. 

And to finish the subject of perfumes, some advice! 

To understand if the perfume suits you or not, test it on yourself and wait 40 minutes. 

  • Perfume the areas of the body where the blood circulation is important (jugular vein, wrists, inside of the wrists, behind the ears), because it is there that the perfume diffuses better. Also think about the hair! Be careful ! Do not spray yourself with perfume !
  • Depending on your skin type, you should choose the most suitable fragrance formula: eau de toilette or eau de parfum. The former is more discreet and perfect for everyday use, while the latter, also called “essence” or “extract”, is more concentrated.

1.5 Wear nice shoes

Shoes are very important because women will inevitably take a look at this detail. It is not about a brand name model. A nice pair of clean shoes in good condition is enough to show that you take care of yourself. Leather shoes are always fashionable and elegant, but stylish trainers and trainers for a casual or sporty look are also appreciated.

1.6 Taking care of the beard

If you have a beard, taking care of your beard is a must to please women. As a symbol of masculinity, the beard can be your trump card, but if it is not taken care of, you will have the opposite effect.

Taking care of your beard is not only a matter of hygiene but also a proof of elegance, style and good manners. To have a beautiful, well-groomed beard, you need to be patient and diligent.  It’s a daily job that consists of several steps. 

The first step is to comb the beard to avoid tangles, as beard hair easily gets tangled during the day. Then the beard must be trimmed regularly to maintain it. This is the only way to get a neat look. For this, you will need a trimmer to help you. Short, long, medium: it doesn’t matter what type of beard you have. You need to trim it evenly and work carefully around the edges.  The third step is to clean the beard with a suitable mild shampoo to remove bacteria and odours.  And finally, you need to moisturise and nourish your beard ! Moisturising the beard is a very important step as it prevents the hair from becoming dull and dry. 

If you want to know more about beard maintenance or if you want to know how to adopt a beard cut that best suits the shape of your face, we invite you to read our article How to choose your beard and maintain it? 

How to behave to attract women? 

It doesn’t matter what you wear, how you cut your hair or how you accessorise: if you are not confident, honest, respectful, polite, generous and kind, no technique can work. So, to please women, you need to: 

  • Cultivate your self-confidence 
  • Be a good listener
  • Cultivate your charisma
  • Be courteous 

And we’ll tell you why ! 

2.1 Cultivating self-confidence 

Self-confidence is essential for pleasing women. For them, the feeling of emotional security is very important, so you need to make the woman feel safe around you. It is not about physical strength. A confident and strong man is one who is solid, emotionally stable and knows where he is going. Be yourself! Women appreciate simplicity and honesty. Self-confidence is mostly expressed in gestures, voice and speech. You can cultivate your self-confidence by working on yourself with the various self-help books available on the market today, which are very popular. 

Develop your self-confidence but be careful not to turn yourself into a narcissistic person, because often the line between these two notions is very fragile.  

2.2 Be a good listener 

This is extremely important, not only to please women, but also to please your professional and friendly environment. But be careful! It is not about pretending, but about really, really listening! You have to show that you are interested in the person you are talking to, in her life, her passions and her hobbies. Don’t be chatty! 

If you find it difficult to concentrate, here are some tips on how to avoid distractions. 

Put your mobile phone away. Ignore calls and texts if they are not urgent. Many people try to impress with the “busy man” effect, while in most cases women see it as a lack of attention. Moreover, every time you answer a message or a call, you cut off the thread of the conversation, as well as the connection that could be established between you through a fluid contact. 

By showing that you are listening, the person you are talking to tells herself that she is important and that you respect her. Also pay attention to her gestures and non-verbal language to better interpret what she is saying and get a better idea of how she feels.

If you do not agree with what she says, do not judge. Try to put yourself in her shoes and understand what she is telling you. Be open-minded and control your reactions! If she tells you a secret or a problem, don’t try to offer solutions straight away. As a rule, when people talk about their problems, they do not expect solutions or advice. They just want to be listened to and understood. So offer a suggestion or give your opinion when they ask for it. 

2.3 Cultivating charisma

To be charismatic, you should not try to please at all costs. Be natural! Be smiling and polite! 

2.4 Be courteous 

Most women like courteous men (note: not invasive). It’s all about small gestures and a gentlemanly attitude. A courteous man is one who is respectful to everyone.  Real gentlemen show maturity and stability.  If you want to be courteous, don’t use bad words. Don’t swear either! If it happens to you anyway, apologise! If you find yourself in a situation where you tend to swear more often, for example when you are watching a match on TV or stuck in traffic, watch yourself closely to continue to look like a gentleman.

If you are planning a date and want to take it a step further, our “Tips: How to present yourself on a first date” will also be very effective. 

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