How to choose the best haircut for men according to the shape of the face

It’s no secret that hairstyles have a big impact on a person’s charm. However, choosing a new haircut is not an easy matter. Every face is different, and the same haircut can’t fit everyone perfectly. That’s why we’re offering you our complete guide to find out which hairstyles suit your face shape and which ones you should avoid.

You may have already heard of the morphic hairstyle. It is a new science that aims to study the relationship between the physical and psychological characteristics of a person in order to find their ideal haircut. So, if we summarise the ideology of this approach, there is no such thing as a trendy haircut. The successful haircut is the one that best suits the person.

What is your facial morphology?

  1. Men’s cut for a round face
  2. Men’s cut for an oval face
  3. Men’s cut for a triangle face
  4. Men’s cut for a square face 
  5. Men’s cut for a diamond face
  6. Men’s cut for an oblong or rectangle face 
  7. Men’s cut for a heart-shaped face

What is your face shape?

Before discovering the hairstyles that best suit your face shape and personality, as well as those that you should absolutely avoid, let’s first try to understand what your face shape is. The following face shapes can be distinguished:

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Triangular
  • Square 
  • Diamond
  • Oblong or rectangle 
  • Heart

Round face shape

If your face is as long as it is wide and your chin and cheekbones are rounded, then your face shape is round. This shape is often considered unmasculine, so in this case the goal would be to make it more masculine. In order to lengthen and balance your face, you should adopt a style with height on top and short sides. You can complement this structure with a square beard which will help to slim down the chin area. 

So if you have a round face shape, you should opt for the following haircuts: 

  • The fringe (but not straight)
  • Layered on the sides
  • Backwards

If you have a round face, avoid the bowl cut at all costs!

Oval face shape

This is a symmetrical and proportionate face with very fine lines and an equal distance between the forehead – chin and the tip of the nose – chin. The oval face is considered to be the perfect shape that accepts all cuts perfectly. So you can do whatever you want and experiment with anything you can think of. 

But to emphasize your assets and your very fine facial features, we recommend that you opt for a classic cut, short on the back and sides and a little long on top. Avoid having your hair on your forehead! As for the beard, you don’t need it to hide flaws or to balance proportions. So don’t hesitate to shave! 

Triangle face shape

This face shape is characterised by an accentuated jawline, a small chin and sometimes a wide forehead. So, in this case our aim is to create volume. You should choose a haircut that will give you volume in the forehead and ears to limit the disproportion between the jaw and the face. But that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment and dare to have fancy cuts. The only rule is that you should always go for voluminous cuts. Lightness, softness, a little fringe, a little bit of hair falling on the forehead and your perfect cut is ready! 

Avoid lengths below your jawline! Give priority to short, layered cuts!

Square face shape 

A wide, slightly pointed jaw, cheekbones and a slightly pronounced forehead: you have a square face shape. This means that you should go for short, semi-short or long haircuts. Men with a square face need to create volume on the top and sides of the head. Classic, neat cuts also work well with this type of face shape. To hide the width of the jawline, consider a light beard! A three-day beard might be a good idea. 

Curly hair fits perfectly with the square face shape. It provides volume, enhances facial features and adds style.

Diamond face shape

The diamond face shape is characterised by very pronounced cheekbones that are wider than the forehead. The jaw is quite elongated. The chin is square with prominent features. This is the rarest face shape, which requires a special style of haircut. 

If you have a diamond face shape, opt for fringes that add width to the forehead. It is recommended that you avoid long cuts with short sides, so as not to enlarge your ears. Instead, opt for a side sweep or deep side parting! If you want to add size to your narrow chin, grow a beard!

Oblong or rectangular face shape

This face shape is characterised by its length. It can be said that it lies between oval and square shapes. In this case you should look for cuts that break up the length of the face. You should avoid at all costs cutting the sides too short and leaving the length on top. This will emphasise the length of your face, while the opposite should be done: opt for a well-proportioned cut that is not short on the sides. 

To add width and break up the narrow shape of your face, let your hair fall to the sides or forehead. We don’t recommend a full beard as it only accentuates the length of your face. If you’re really into beards, opt for a three-day beard instead 1

Heart-shaped face 

Like the diamond face shape, the heart face is also very rare. It is characterised by the lines from the temples narrowing to the chin. 

So the golden rule in the quest for the ideal heart-shaped face cut is to avoid very tight cuts. The reason is obvious. This type of cut emphasises the narrow shape of the chin as well as the width of the forehead. A swept-back, mid-length cut is ideal. You can also opt for mid-length and – why not – long cuts.

If you prefer to wear a stylish beard, all the better! It’s a great way to add some mass to your chin and jawline. A beard will make the lower part of your face less narrow. 

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