30 Good Luck Charms From Around the World

Since the dawn of human civilization, people have worn talismans and jewelry for good luck or to protect themselves from various dangers. Tradition is still prevalent in many cultures and holds immense significance. Not only this, but good luck charms in the form of jewelry look very stylish and practical. 

There are many symbols, but some come up more often than others. So let’s discover together the most popular lucky charms that are always in vogue.

What are Good Luck Charms?

Anything can be a good luck charm that you think brings prosperity and good vibes in your life. Generally, an amulet or any other item having unique symbols, material, etc., brings good luck.

It varies according to different cultures, and there are thousands of good luck charms in the world. Your belief system and dedication to a good luck charm make it effective. So, if you want to know more about good luck charms, dive in for more details.

Most Powerful Good Luck Charms by their Purpose

Some of the most powerful good luck charms bring happiness to your life. They are widely prevalent, and you can add them to your belongings. Some of them are:

Most Powerful Good Luck Charms For Money

Prosperity and wealth are a desire of everyone. So, if you are looking for a good luck charm that can help to bring more wealth, there are many options. You may have noticed these symbols in shops, casinos, and many business offices. Some of the popular ones are

The Tree of Life

The origin of the tree of life is as old as the history of humankind. It’s the most famous element in the good luck charms list. It is a tree with its roots and branches. It symbolizes immortality, continuity, regeneration, and the human life cycle. You can add this charm to your life with a beautiful tree of life ring.


In various cultures, this animal has symbolic significance. For example, in China, it represents wealth and prosperity. It’s a great good luck charm for gambling as it brings money. Among the Central American Indians, it symbolizes love and wealth. You can keep goldfish at your home or introduce it through pretty fish symbol jewelry.

Good Luck Charms For Success

Good luck charms constantly shower good vibes to bring success in your life. It absorbs negativity and always helps you experience success in small to big tasks. Some of the examples are:

Viking Jewelry

Viking elements hail from Norse mythology, representing Gods, beliefs, and many myths. These symbols are worn in Viking jewelry like bracelets and rings. Some of the popular symbols in the form of jewelry are Thor’s hammer, the Viking compass, the Triquetra or Celtic knot, a bold viking leather bracelet etc.

Gemstones and Beads

Stones and beads signify the evolution of humankind. Therefore, beads and gemstones of various colors welcome change, bravery, and ultimately success. Gemstones jewelry in the form of attractive bracelets looks very stylish and helps you chase your dreams for success.

Fertility Good Luck Charms

Being able to give life is a blessing and if you’re ready to welcome someone new in life, bring positivity with lucky fertility charms. These charms are good for the health and positivity of expecting parents. Some of the common fertility good luck charms are:


A turtle at home or in the form of a showpiece blesses the couple with receptiveness, as they are water animals. Water signifies womb, motherhood, and lots of comforts. So, try turtle rings or other good luck charms and notice the effect.


Moonstone has been associated with fertility since ancient times. These white in the form of beaded bracelets, rings, or any element looked very calming in the past. It was offered as a “blessing” to ensure a large family.

Feng Shui Good Luck Charms

The Chinese Feng Shui believes in creating energy flow by its principles. Therefore, it can design and placement of decor in your home. Also, some feng shui pieces bring lots of good vibes, success, good health, and wealth.

Feng Shui Coin Sword

The Chinese Feng Shui principle guides people to have a feng shui coin sword which is great for wealth, protection, and business. You can keep it with yourself or hang it at your home or office entrance.


The dragon is a symbol of harvesting, rain, and good times. So you can place dragon figures on your entrance or room. It brings happy times in your life. Besides these knots, red flags, Chinese Zodiac Best Friends, red envelopes, and oranges are also good luck feng shui elements.

Good Luck Charms Around The World

Numerous good luck charms originate from beliefs, Gods, and interesting stories. Every civilization believes in these charms and has noticed their effects. These are now adopted in home decor and trendy pieces of jewelry. The figures have some radiating properties, which make them so popular. 

So, let’s have a look at some good luck charms around the world:

Chinese Good Luck Charms

Chinese good luck charms are associated with the Feng Shui principle, which uses symbolism to bring good luck. It deals with balance, the flow of energy, and a lot more. The good luck charms are mainly a form of decoration and are popular globally. 

Some of the popular symbols are red envelopes which have yang energy. The other is three legendary turtles that should be placed smartly at home for prosperity. Other examples are oranges, signs, plants, phoenix, laughing Buddha, fishes, etc.

Native American Good Luck Charms

The Native American tribes had a rich culture and history. The bravery, wars, artisans, colors, and patterns of those eras are unique. With such exceptional life, they had some beautiful symbols to bring good luck. Some are woodpecker feathers, which are now used as dream catchers to bring luck. 

Korean Good Luck Charms

Koreans follow a huge number of good luck charms, which are amazing. The stories have been passed down from ancestors and are still practiced. Some of the good luck charms are the Pujok, a piece of paper (typically yellow) with symbols and patterns inscribed. Another one is Korean traditional masks placed in Korean homes to bring happiness to a family.

Japanese Good Luck Charms

Japanese believe that little luck is needed from time to time, and hence they use many luck charms in the form of figures, jewelry, and beliefs. Some popular ones are Omikuji, paper fortunes that people keep, or ties to keep good luck. Another one is Maneki Neko, the beckoning cat, which is available on colorful figures and brings good vibes to any place.

Mexico Good Luck Charms

Mexican good luck charms are unique and attractive. Some are Mexican beaded bracelets that look very trendy and bring fortune to the person wearing them. Another good luck charm is Milagros, one in various types of birds, eyes, etc., and kept in pockets. They bring overall good luck.

Asian Good Luck Charms

Asians have so many good luck charms. The Asian civilization has a rich history of mythology, stories, beliefs, and more. For example, Elephants bring lots of good luck, and it’s a popular good luck charm for Indians and Thai people. Chinese use Feng Shui principles religiously for good luck.

Russian Good Luck Charms

Russians have quite interesting and bizarre good luck charms. For example, a Figa symbol is a clenched fist. So it is adopted in pendants, and people love to wear them. It brings good luck by keeping away the evil eye.

Greek Good Luck Charms

Greek good luck charms originate from their rich history. The horn of Amalthea, a mythical goat that took care of young Zeus, is a symbol of abundance and happiness. Jewelry having pomegranate or a head of wheat brings lots of success and protection.

Good Luck Charms in Jewelry: Do they Work?

Jewelry has become an eternal and evergreen symbol of carrying good luck symbols. The symbols look stylish and are very practical. Some of the reasons why jewelry good luck charms are very effective are :

  • They are always in touch with the body, ensuring direct contact and utmost safety.
  • You never lose them, as you can effortlessly carry bracelets, rings, and necklaces.
  • They are available in all-male, female, and unisex designs, making them very versatile.
  • You can pass on this precious jewelry to your children, friends, and loved ones.


So, this was a detailed guide to good luck charms worldwide, their meaning, and adaptations. So get your good luck charm in from elegant and trending jewelry now. So, below is a quick guide to the best good luck charms, their significance, and jewelry styles.

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