30 Unique Gifts for Motorcycle Riders

30 Unique Gifts for Motorcycle Riders

You may have someone in your life who is crazy about motorcycles, or you can be that person too. But, if you or your loved one loves to groove on “Harleys on Hawaii,” it’s the real motorcycle rider persona. So, give this person something they truly love that complements the biker personality.

Well, the ideas are quite practical and look stylish. So, here are ten unique gifts for motorcycle riders that will help them love their passion even more! So, let’s have a look!

10 Cool Gifts for Motorcycle Riders

The history of motorcycle clubs and riders have influenced their fashion, gears and style quotient a lot. So, celebrate it all by gifting them something that suits their personality. Here is an ultimate list of unique gifts for motorcycle riders. Have a look:

Book on the world of motorbikes

Books are one of the best gifts for motorcycle riders as they help you learn about passion. Therefore, your biker will much appreciate a nice book about motorbikes. For example, you can opt for the book “The 100 most beautiful motorbikes in the world”, a 224-page book on motorbikes from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day, illustrated with 300 photographs of road and sports bikes. 

Another option is the book “Entretenir et réparer sa moto” by Jean-Pierre Nicolas. This is a practical guide to carrying out motorbike maintenance and repair operations confidently without being a specialist. In this book, Jean-Pierre Nicolas advises on changing faulty parts and selecting a wide range of accessories for greater comfort.

Another great book is “1200 Legendary Motorcycles” for your loved one who loves motorbikes. It consists of ten chapters arranged chronologically, with a chapter for each decade. One can find the most representative motorbikes with their technical specifications and attributes.

“1200 Legendary Motorcycles” also contains special files on legendary brands with their stories and slogans and thematic files: competition motorbikes, economic models, travel, war, luxury, and sport. In short, it is a beautiful journey into the fascinating world of speed and freedom. 

You can also opt for the book “Motorcycle Grand Prix – the highlights.” It is a good choice for a gift, as the recipient will find more than 250 photos, many of them unpublished, by motorbike sports photographers who have explored the discipline from the 1980s to the present day. 

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is the best among all the cool gifts for motorcycle riders. It is a must-have item in the true biker’s wardrobe. If the receiver of your valuable gift is passionate about the motorbike world, they will surely appreciate your choice. It’s a garment that rocks the look by giving it a rebellious and manly touch. Infact, it’s the most prominent symbol of bikers.

The “perfect model” would be a good choice. This is the famous jacket created in 1928 by Irving Schott, especially for the bikers of Long Island. Not only is a perfect jacket practical, but it also carries a strong symbolic and cultural dimension. But it all depends on your preferences. Many, like Perfecto, biker, and aviator, choose the type of jacket according to the biker’s style. If you think they already have leather jackets, there is never a no to new additions for bike-loving people.

As far as color is concerned, black is the classic of the classics, but you can also find them in different colors. If you’re looking for a more rocking touch, choose the zipped models with chains and studs. 

White, Black, or Printed T-shirt

There are many good gifts for motorcycle riders, but If you’re on a budget, a white, black, or printed t-shirt would be a good choice, as it’s one of the practical pieces in a biker’s wardrobe. 

It’s not an expensive or hard-to-find piece if it’s not the vintage and original models that are quite rare. If you’re looking for authentic t-shirts, you’ll have to look at thrift stores or online specialty shops. If you’re too lazy to look, that’s okay because most fast-fashion brands like H&M, Bershka, or Pull and Bear offer them in their current collections.

Skull Accessories

Unique Skull accessories are the trendiest gifts for motorcycle riders and look so stylish. The skull or skull and crossbones are the number one style symbol for bikers and motorbike enthusiasts. In men’s fashion, the skull remains a bestseller. 

It represents vitality, immortality, philosophical thoughts, inner power, and valuable experiences. It also stands for speed, freedom, and protection against death.

So, a skull pendant necklace is a must for the perfect biker look. Here are some models: 

If the person does not like wearing necklaces, opt for skull rings. Chic and trendy, skull rings are ideal to complete his biker style. They are becoming increasingly popular in men’s fashion and are very popular with some celebrities. Johnny Depp’s fans know this very well. 

Head rings are very popular with bikers, motorcyclists, and anyone considering speeding as a means of self-assertion. 

Leather Cuff Bracelet 

If the biker person you’re giving a gift to will surely appreciate a leather cuff bracelet. It is a wide bracelet that tightens the wrist and goes up the forearm. A leather cuff bracelet is a must-have accessory for a trendy biker look. 

The most popular models are braided leather bracelets that wrap around the wrist and work well with leather jackets. However, to make it easier for you, we have selected a few trendy models for you 

Motorbike Gloves for Winter

Extremely useful and emotional, this gift will show your biker loved one how much you care. Thanks to a good pair of motorbike gloves for winter, they will be well protected in case of a fall and won’t have cold hands, which can be very dangerous. 

If your budget is flexible, opt for heated models with technology that heats the whole length of the fingers and the top of the hand and has several heating levels.

GPS Unit

Motorcycles love to explore the unnamed roads, but GPS technology will be helpful sometimes. You must give your loved one a GPS unit to enjoy bike rides without any second thought about forgetting directions. Go for something that has a good battery with great design and builds. A unit that can be fixed on the handlebars or console of a motorcycle is a great gift for motorcycle riders.

Biking Shoes

A biker who is male or female has a unique personality that displays courage and lots of charisma. So, give them the best grip and style with some bold shoes. Biker shoes have a grip specially designed for controlling the bike. You can go for ankle shoes having a strong build. They are available for both summer and wintertime rides.

Go pro

Does the biker in your life love to record biking sessions? Well, this will be among the best gifts for motorcycle riders. A go pro has amazing video stabilization and design. One can fix it on the motorcycle console or handle. Also, with the help of a stretchable band, the biker can wear it on the forehead, chest, etc. It can record moments, landscapes, and much more. 

Rider Safety Kit

A customized raider safety kit having lens cleaners, scarf, repair kits, air gauges, kickstart pads, under-seat tool kit, and luggage security cables can be the best gift. You can customize it according to the bike, and it is a very practical gift for bikers. 

Funny Gifts for Motorcycle Riders

Fun, thrill, and style go hand in hand for motorcycle riders. You can make the gift a little more happening by giving something with some humor. This idea will make it memorable and very thoughtful. For example:

  • Motorcycle Pizza Cutter: A pizza or regular cutter with dashing motorcycles and tires as blades is funny and thoughtful.
  • Funny Motorcycle Keychain: A key chain having sarcastic biker quotes can be their favorite keychain. You can customize it with some funny lines.
  • Customized Mugs: A photo of a funny motorcycle rider caricature will look hilarious. The figure will appear as soon as the hot coffee is put in.

Fathers Day Gifts for Motorcycle Riders 

Fathers and bikes are an incredible combo. So, if you want to give your motorcycle love father a unique gift on father’s day, here are some ideas:

  • A Biking Rucksack: A biking rucksack having compartments for a laptop, clothes, and equipment is great. Also, some bags have a bottle cylinder pipe, charging port, and area.
  • Riding Gloves: Give a great grip on your day with amazing gloves. You can opt for heat control, and a high grip glove switch ensures minimum fatigue while biking.

Christmas Gifts for Motorcycle Riders

Christmas is the beginning of the new year and lots of festive days. It’s the perfect occasion for giving your love to someone who likes to ride something unique. Some of the great gifts are:

  • Biker Toolkit: A toolkit having all the screws and gears for repairing bikes is important. You can give a customized toolkit according to the bike. It will be a savior on long journeys and a very practical gift.
  • A Photo frame: Give them a photo frame having a photo of them with their bike. It will look so heart-touching and a perfect decor item for their room.

Gifts for Female Motorcycle Riders

Female bikers are amazing, and they need something very unique. So, here are some options:

  • Riding Wallet: A rising wallet having skull signs, biker designs, etc., look amazing. Biker wallets can be attacked on belts etc., and look amazing.
  • Biker Necklace:  An unisex necklace having Viking, skull, etc., symbols look fashionable.

Best Christmas Gifts for Motorcycle Riders

Christmas brings along happy times and lots of gifts. So, ditch usual gifts and give your bikers some amazing gifts. Some of the options are:

Motorcycle Blanket: Motorcycle blankets have been in style for ages. They have unique motorcycle club symbols and numbers. It can perfectly protect your biker from chilling winds.

Trendy Helmet: Safety and style in a single gift; a helmet can do the needful. A helmet having club signs, symbols, etc., will look amazing.


These are the best gifts for motorcycle riders for every type of rider. Gifting something related to their passion is very interesting and feels amazing. So, pick your favorite gift now!

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