How to choose a gift for a woman

Are you looking for a gift for your sweetheart, your sister, your mother or your friend? Here are the must-have ideas that will please a woman every time.

Finding the perfect gift for a woman who already has (almost) everything is difficult. You have to take her age into account. This is a criterion that can help you decide on the style of useful or leisure gifts that would please her. 

Apart from bouquets of flowers, be surprising and opt for an original gift that no one else would have thought of giving her. Here is our selection of gifts to make a woman happy!

Christmas is not just for children! A woman likes to be surprised and likes to receive a gift that will make her happy. If you don’t know what to give her, there are some gifts that are a must. 

Choose a gift that can be personalised to suit the wishes of the woman who receives it. Know that several gift boxes can really please a woman. 

Offer her a wellness stay, a little trip to the spa, it always relaxes! Think of a treatment or a wellness massage. A lunch or a dinner in an original or unusual place, that can make a sensation! 

If she likes adventure, don’t hesitate to offer her a thrilling activity. In fact, many partnerships are being formed and promoted to concoct various and varied gift boxes.

Let’s go on an adventure! Discover places or activities that you didn’t know existed. The gift box offers activities that have already been tested and often approved by many users. After receiving the gift box, the woman can consult the book included in the box and select the different activities she likes. 

What gift to give to a mother?

A mother is a woman, so think of something that will remind her above all that she is a woman and that will emphasise her femininity. Give preference to gifts that will allow her to have a moment of well-being. Think of pleasing her by giving her a gift box, including an activity specially chosen for mothers who need to enjoy a moment of relaxation or leisure. You can also offer her beauty products. Among other things, facials or body treatments to relieve daily stress. Offer her an unforgettable stay: a weekend in a hotel so that she can rediscover the pleasure of being on holiday. 

What gift to give to a femme fatale? 

Do you want to give a gift to a woman of character, to a difficult woman, to an adventurous woman? Don’t panic, be original while thinking about her personality. Throw out the idea of giving her yet another watch or handbag. If you want her to be surprised and excited when she discovers what you’ve given her, think of an activity that she doesn’t get to try every day. You’ll surprise her with a thrilling activity. 

Think of a bungee jump, a parachute jump, a hot air balloon ride or a flight training course. If your femme fatale is a fan of sports cars, offer her a lap around a circuit where she can test the power of a V8 engine. 

Don’t forget your camera to capture the moment! She’ll be delighted to see that the moment counts and that it’s not just captured on your smartphone. In addition to thrill-seeking activities, you can offer her a stay in an unusual place, for a woman who loves adventure. Consider visiting a castle, taking her to a tree house or a teepee! Consider the hobbies and personality of the woman who is to receive the gift. 

Focus on her personality 

To please a woman, you must first of all know her tastes, her personality. What are her musical tastes? Is she a homebody or does she prefer to go out? What are her favourite colours? These are all questions you should ask yourself if you really want to please her. The answers to these questions will help you choose the right gift. Personalised jewellery can really touch a woman’s heart. How about giving a unique piece of jewellery to declare your love? 

Many jewellery designers offer personalised jewellery. Be original, first choose the base of the jewel and then give the maker a photo, text or symbols. He will reproduce the chosen element on the jewel and you can write your initials or the date of your wedding on a ring. The personalisation of the jewel will amaze and please the person who receives it. She will be touched to see the investment you have made in the gift. Before contacting the jewellery manufacturer, find out if your wife prefers gold or silver, and what type of photo or message would touch her most.

What gift to give a woman who has given birth? 

The arrival of a baby is an unforgettable event. Consider giving her a photo session! All parents say it: “children grow up fast”. To immortalise every moment and to create memories, a photo session is a gift that is much appreciated by everyone. The baby will pose with the whole family. Many years later, tears will fill your eyes when you look back at these photos. You can also opt for a photo album. She can store the photos taken during the session, and many others that will give her memories of her baby’s development. 

Think about giving her baby care equipment. The mother may need some baby equipment for the baby. A baby phone, a box to store the baby’s small clothes or even a bouncer! The mother may also like a baby sling. If you’re on a budget, give her nappies, she’ll always use them. If you want to give her a useful gift, don’t hesitate to ask her beforehand what she would like to receive or what she needs. This will avoid duplicate purchases. 

You can offer a shopping trip to a new mother! After a pregnancy, reclaiming your body is not always easy. If you are close to the mother who has just given birth, offer her some nice clothes. She will feel like a woman and a mother! This way she will feel more comfortable with her body. If you don’t know her size or it’s a sensitive subject, you can give her a gift card to a shop she likes! 

For breastfeeding mums, a special nursing dress or a nice top will be very appropriate. You can also opt for a set of jumpers with a matching baby message. 

Whatever gift you choose, choose it with heart. It is the love you have for the choice you make that will be passed on when you give the gift.

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