10 gift ideas for my boyfriend

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a birthday or another special occasion, it’s not hard to find a gift for a man you know very well. But it does take time and thought. That’s why we’ve put together a short list of gifts that might be just what he needs.

There’s nothing better than seeing the joy in your loved one’s eyes. But what gift should you give him? Contrary to the clichés, men like surprises as much as women do. And for that, you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune. You just have to find the right balance between aesthetics and practicality.

What gift to give him?

Here’s a list of gifts that men are always happy to receive:

  • Personalised necklace
  • Ring
  • Bracelet
  • Chocolate
  • Beard care
  • Anti-RFID wallet
  • Watch case
  • Costume Accessories
  • Bags
  • Watch

Personalized necklace

An engraved necklace is a real keepsake that will show him how much you care. It is a symbol of affection, appreciation and admiration. You can sign his initials, a symbol, his date of birth or the date you met. You can also have a nice message engraved on a pendant to commemorate an event you attended together. Why is this a good gift idea? Because apart from the emotional aspect, a personalised necklace goes well with any outfit.


There are many clichés surrounding this piece of jewellery. Since the dawn of time it has been a symbol of union, love and eternity. In this context, it is an ideal and popular gift for Valentine’s Day. But it is possible to give a ring to your boyfriend without falling into clichés. To do this, ask yourself the right question. What is his passion, style and history? 

If your boyfriend is a biker or a man with a rock and punk style, opt for rings with a skull motif, which are very trendy. Is your boyfriend a big Viking fan? He’ll love rings with Valknut, wolf, compass, Triquetra or Thor’s hammer designs. If your boyfriend is a classic man who likes to look good, give him a stylish signet ring. It’s a timeless ring that is always appreciated by men of all generations. 

Your boyfriend will feel very special if you give him a lucky ring. It is always trendy. Giving a lucky ring is a great way to show your love, admiration and kindness. It’s also a nice way to wish them luck and happiness. Horseshoe, tree of life, Nazar Boncuk or evil eye amulet, fish, four-leaf clover: there is a varied choice of lucky charm rings. 

To help you, here is a wide range of rings for men where you will find one that perfectly suits your boyfriend’s style and your story: 


If your love story has just begun and you are not yet ready to give him a gift as symbolic as a ring or a personalised necklace, check out our collection of bracelets. It’s a great way to show your affection without scaring her off. 

If it’s Valentine’s Day, you can choose bracelets for couples. These are bracelets that complement each other. If it’s his birthday, go for a classic bracelet that he can match with his watch. Ideally, find a bracelet that is related to his passions and represents his personality. Punk, rock, retro, Vikings, casual: you will find something for every taste and style. Here are a few models:


For your sweetheart, this is an irresistible gift. Give him what he likes or let him discover new flavours! To make your delicious gift as original as possible, add a touch of humour with original chocolate mouldings. You can also personalise your gift by composing a message of love using the handmade chocolate alphabet. Write his or her name, initials or a short note! 

Beard care

Beard care is a perfect gift for a bearded friend. Trimmers, razor blades, shaving brushes, combs, beard oil: these are gift ideas that will serve your darling well. If he doesn’t usually go to a professional to have his beard groomed, a razor will be a perfect gift for him. Your gift will help him with his daily beard maintenance. Your friend has a long beard? The beard comb is also a good idea. You can also make a nice box of different products presented here: 

Anti-RFID wallet

A gift that is both practical and beautiful! If your friend uses contactless payment with his bank card, then he will surely appreciate this gift. It’s a wallet, equipped with an anti-hacking system, which means that your friend’s personal data will always be secure. 

It’s no secret that today hackers can easily access our credit card data. However, radio waves are relatively easy to block. The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking wallet protects credit cards against fraud. Cards stored in such wallets cannot be scanned.

Here are some practical and trendy models: 

Watch box

This is a great gift idea that will show him how much you care about him and want to protect his important watch collection. Wooden, leather, fabric, plastic, metal, rotary or travel watches: there is something for every taste and style.

Suit accessories

A tie, a suit pocket, cufflinks: these are classic gifts par excellence.

If your boyfriend prefers an elegant style and wears a suit regularly, a nice pair of cufflinks will please him. If your love affair has just begun and you are not familiar with his tastes and preferences, opt for classic, neutral cufflinks. Take into account his lifestyle and his work! 

In our shop, you will easily find a pair of beautiful cufflinks that will suit him: 

Leather bag

This is an ideal gift if you have been a couple for many years. Shoulder bags, backpacks, clutches, office bags, gym bags: consider her lifestyle and choose the model that will help her carry her essentials in an organised and stylish way. 


And finally, the classic of classics! Timeless, useful and aesthetic, by definition the watch is the perfect gift. Why give a watch to your boyfriend? Because this gift is rich in symbolism. First of all, it is a fashion accessory, but it also represents the deep attachment that unites you to him. Another reason why it’s a good gift idea: every time he looks at his wrist, he’ll think of you.

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