Modern Men’s Earring Styles and Types

Thanks to many stars, including David Beckham, Johnny Depp, Neymar, Zayn Malik, and Pharrell Williams, earrings have become very popular in men’s fashion. Although once there were a lot of clichés around this accessory, it is today appreciated by men of different ages and social backgrounds. In fact, many male celebrities are getting praised for breaking gender stereotypes by wearing pearl earrings and other jewelry. 

If you have decided to get your first piercing, you should know that earrings are gorgeous but a little tricky! So, it’s necessary to know some basic rules while selecting one for yourself. Wondering which ones? Don’t worry, we will guide you through!

Before understanding men’s earring styles and how to choose an earring for men, let’s first discover the main types of earrings for men (they are less in number than those specifically designed for women): 

The 5 Main Categories of Earrings for Men

Earrings give a confident and rebellious edge to men. If we start with men’s earring style, the list could be endless. But, if we have to categorize, there are five main earring types for men:

  • Creoles
  • Ear studs
  • Magnetic earrings (do not require piercing)
  • Pendant earrings
  • Clip earrings

Creole Earrings

In the world of men’s jewelry, creole-type earrings are a popular choice. They are easy to match with all clothing styles and have a tropical origin. So if you want a little Caribbean culture in your overall outlook, this one’s a must-have. 

When choosing creoles, you should be particular about the position of the piercing on your earlobe. Men with piercings at the top of the ear lobe should go for 16 or 17 mm creole earrings. Similarly, if the piercing is on the lower lobe or the lobe is thin, choose creole earrings of less than 12 mm (diameter-wise).

If your ears are sensitive, it’s best to choose creole earrings with 14 mm rings and a maximum thickness of 4 mm. Beyond 20 mm, it is a bit risky, but, of course, it is your choice as your preferences define your men’s earring styles.

Ear Studs

Ear studs are the best earrings for those who are getting their first piercing. They are easy to wear and adapt to all styles such that even lawyers and accountants are embracing studs nowadays!

Ear studs are smaller and sit closely on the ear lobe. They are worn with a back screw that goes through the pierced ear. Stud earrings are also called post-earrings.

Magnetic Earrings

Magnetic earrings are ideal for those who like earrings but don’t want (or are hesitant) to get their ears pierced. They require magnets that stay in place and aren’t painful. You can wear magnetic earrings with any outfit of your choice.

The Pendant Earrings

Pendant earrings are the type of earrings that come with a piece of jewelry hanging down. It adds sparkle and movement to the outfit and enhances your overall appearance. Most guys prefer pendant earrings because of their unique, custom, and handmade characteristics. All in all, they are a broader evolution in today’s men’s fashion. 

The Clip Earrings

The next type is the clip earring model. These are very convenient earring types as you just have to clip them onto the earlobe and put them in place. Like the magnetic earrings, they too are perfect for men who want a new look without getting their ears pierced.

When choosing clip earrings for yourself, it’s important to consider your facial structure. If you have a round face, you should go for square clip earrings. Similarly, if you have a square or oblong-shaped face, then round or curved earrings will suit you best. Men with heart-shaped faces should go for cone or bar versions of these earrings.

What Men’s Earring Styles Should I Choose?

Like other accessories, earrings too must complete your look in a natural and harmonious way. So, the most important thing to consider in men’s earring styles is your personality and preferences. 

For example, if you are more into rock, gothic, or punk styles, you can turn to creoles and pendant earrings. Likewise, if you have a discreet, reserved, and classic personality, go for simple studded models, without stones or glitter, in reduced dimensions. 

Similarly, if your outfit is imposing and chic, then your earrings must be modest and simple. You can also wear colorful earrings for a casual/trendy outfit and sober earrings for a formal/professional outfit. 

Make sure to choose earrings that are proportional to your stature! Bulky earrings, for example, can create a physical visual imbalance. So, stay assured of such men’s earring styles

On Which Ear Should I Wear the Men’s Earring for Perfect Men’s Earring Styles?

There is this old belief that gay men wear earrings on the right ear and straight men wear them on the left ear. But, in the current generation, these stereotypes are no longer applicable. It isn’t your ears that define your sexual orientation but it’s your choice and preferences that do so. So, feel free to wear it on any side of the ear you want. 

How to Avoid Losing the Earrings?

Whether it’s men or women, losing your earrings is very painful. You can lose your earrings due to various reasons like small jewel size, bad clasp, or certain clothes like sweaters, scarves, or even hats.

The best way to avoid losing earrings is to be careful and close the chip behind the ear tightly. That way, it’s less likely to slip and detach from the lobe. You can also:

  • Avoid handling them to keep them in place. 
  • Raise or put on your clothes carefully (if possible, remove your jewelry before getting dressed or undressed)
  • Choose the clasps and earrings as per your activity.

What is the Ideal Metal For the Men’s Earring Styles?

When looking for your first earring, the choice of metal is very important along with other factors like budget, styles, and preferences. Fortunately, the jewelry world is filled with endless metal options for men’s earring styles.

Most of the time, you will find white gold or yellow as a common metal for men’s earrings. Moreover, if you are low on budget but prioritize style and quality, you can go for popular options like stainless steel earrings. There are various reasons behind choosing stainless steel jewelry including quality and cost.

Besides that, when choosing the metal for men’s earrings, pay attention to the color of the metal. Even if they are small, they should match the colors of the other accessories you wear. For example, if you wear a stylish silver earring with a gold necklace for men, it will lose its value and beauty. So, always wear accessories made of the same metal!

FAQ on Men’s Earring Styles

Although it varies from type to type, the ideal way of putting an earring is to insert the earring inside the pierced hole (on your earlobes) while twisting it. Once it goes inside, fasten it with the hook (if any).

It’s best to avoid wearing certain earring types while sleeping as it can damage the jewelry and irritate your skin. For example, it’s safe to sleep in your studs from a new piercing, but if you are deciding to sleep in prong earrings, it’s advisable to lie on your back.

If you are a beginner, a good “starter” earring would be studs. They are versatile, comfortable, and light in weight for easy wearing. Studs aren’t bulky, so they are less likely to get stuck on fabrics and clothes.

The ideal size of men’s earrings is small, but it may vary as per the build of the person. For example, a muscular 6-feet man wouldn’t look good in small earrings. Instead, a medium-size earring would be better for masculine mens earring styles. For a bold and striking look (say for parties and fancy outings), you can go for a larger size!

Presently, if a guy wears two earrings, it’s nothing but a fashion trend or a symbol of status. Although earlier people believed that guys who wore two earrings were bisexual, i.e., they were attracted to both males and females.

From hoops and studs to tapers, guys can wear any kind of earring they want. You can select the material as per your skin tone. For example, gold earrings are good for black skin, and white/silver metals are ideal for white or pale skin.

Earlier it was said that straight men wore their earrings on the left ear while homosexual men wore them on the right ear. But, now, it doesn’t really matter. Straight or not, you can wear it in either or both ears.

Ear piercing in men became popular during the hippy movement in the 1960s. At that time, it was a sign of rebellion, but today, the meaning of male earrings is a fashion trend that makes a man look attractive.

You can get either of your ears pierced unless you believe in old practices (straight men-left ear, homosexual men-right ear).

The meaning of wearing earrings on the left ear varies as per cultures, customs, and traditions. But, if we keep such things aside, it’s nothing but a fashion choice.

Some of the modern men’s earring styles of today are hoops, dangling earrings, magnetic earrings, and different types of stud earrings.

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